Apr. 9th, 2017

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Did three recordings of my latest song today, but wasn't fully satisfied with any of them. At this point, I'm just trying to get the best recording I can before the full advent of pollen season puts my singing voice out of commission for at least a week. Hopefully it won't happen before next weekend.
Did my first weekly roundup of skating news for my sister's blog before the new Grand Prix schedule showed up. Guess that'll have to be in next week's. A little nervous that we already have a two programs to La La Land when it's technically not even the off-season yet. I was hoping Ashley's using that music would deter enough people that we wouldn't get entirely saturated. So far noone's music news has been terribly exciting, though if Jason Brown does skate to Hamilton, that would be. Also tried to watched Synchronized Skating Worlds, but I found it hard to stay awake, Friday night especially.
Four episodes of Iron Fist down, nine to go. Although I had to look up what happened at the end for "Habeas for Superheroes." At least this one had a mention of Karen in it, which made me grin. And of course the next one has Claire. Hell, the last ten minutes or so of tonight's episode were actually pretty good.


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