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The first two and a half days I attended the Federal Depository Library conference, which takes place at the Hilton across the way from the Pentagon. I'm now my library's coordinator for the depository program, through which we receive select print and electronic government materials for inclusion in our library, so I felt I ought to go. I learned a good deal of fascinating and useful stuff, and was reminded of how important the role of those who make information accessible is in times like these. Being with that crowd of people, who believe that, was reassuring.
Then the news hit that the Republican candidate for governor has taken the lead in the polls. And if he wins, they'll pass all the voter suppression laws and Virginia will become a red state again for good. If push comes to shove, I suppose mom and I could move to Maryland, but I'm starting to doubt what anyone can do to stop or even escape the right-wing now.
And a week and a half after that election, we'll get The Punisher. The main reaction to the trailer seems to be from the Kastle shippers to a certain bit of it, but I find it hard to believe the writers meant for that. I hope not, anyway; I like their bond how it is. Though if the moment's just one of two people wanting human contact, well, then, I won't mind it at all. Meanwhile, it's downright weird waiting for this show these days. This guy's the right wing's guy, and there's a reason they likely delayed this series after Vegas. On the other, in these days of hopelessness and those in power doing dire things and getting away with them, the guy who just goes out and shoots them all has an appeal to everyone, even those of us who know better.
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Title: Hold Me Forever
Fandom: Agents of SHIELD
Characters: Fitzsimmons
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: References to nasty events possibly happening on MCU Earth (see below)
Note: Fourth and likely final part of Just Give Me Your Hand and Hold On. Inspired what's shown as happening on Earth by Inhumans, though all you need to know is Inhumans are disappearing, and also, the show opens with one being chased and killed by soldiers.

But Fitz had to go back now. Daisy and Elena too, of course; they’d already been in that category, but he’d joined them there. )
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Finished this instead. And I think I might finally be ready to build up for the climax

Title: All Five
Part: 13: Run From To
(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12)
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Padmé, Mace
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: Attempted sexual assault
Note: Sequel to "Growing Up in the Jedi Temple."

She knew she had to stay focused on the mission and attract as little attention to herself as possible. But it was impossible for her to just walk past every house emitting distress. )
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Finally got my huge load of books cataloged and shelved. Now I just need to get all the electronic government documents done, preferably tomorrow, since I'm going to be attended the annual Depository Conference in the hotel across the way for half of next week. After which there are more books coming in, but who knows if we'll be able to do those, because we're nearly out of protective sheeting and "new" labels! Hopefully we'll be able to purchase new supplies sooner rather than later, but you never know, this early in the fiscal year. That's kind of aggravating when you consider the reason we're getting all these books now was because by the time the contracts and money came through, there was only a month left with which to spend it, so we had to order a year's worth of books in September. In other words, the same rule left us with too many books and may not prevent us from dealing with them all.
Tomorrow our Nuremberg volumes get picked up to be taken to the bindery. Hopefully this first pickup from the Government Publishing Office will go smoother than the first one from HFGroup did. I'm not sure any of us are up to walking out there and leading their truck to the right entrance anymore.
Seriously considering leaving Twitter after what they did to Rose McGowan. Have also been very strongly urged to join Facebook, which I still don't want to do emotionally, especially after the latest dramas involving them. Starting to think we the decent people of the world need to start our own social media site.
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Recent days have not been good to anybody, but I do have a couple of things to be happy about right now. Such as that this evening the amount of storage space being used by my "Other" data went down. Then went up again, but this problem might actually be a manageable one, at least for the time being. The other is apparently it was confirmed during a Q&A that Tanith Belbin & Charlie White are having a baby! Said kid will be hopelessly adorable at the very least, and if he or she inherits his or her parents' ice dancing talents, well.
That is, if the human race survives that long. Meanwhile, the books I have to catalog this week include both one laying out all the impeachable offenses Trump's committed (at the time it went to press, anyway..) and then another one claiming the Russian thing's a fabrication. Also Mitch McConnell's memoir. Yes, he wrote one. Or claims to, though of course there's a co-author. There was actually a whole new load of books that came in today, but I probably won't be the one doing those.
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Made the mistake of upgrading to iOS 11 yesterday morning. By evening, I was on the phone with Apple Tech Support, trying to get them to take seriously the fact that I had mysterious "Other" data ballooned up and taking up a full quarter of my phone storage. It became clear I'd have to erase and restore everything, and too bad for me if that didn't work. I did this this evening. I'm pretty sure already it didn't work, and I'll probably have it confirmed enough to tell them tomorrow morning. The question is now, will they figure out how to fix the problem, or will mom and I be obliged to upgrade to iPhone 8, when I'm already giving in and upgrading my iPad, and the phone will cost a lot more?
First day back at work today was stressful too. A lot of books arrived last week and went uncatalogued, and now I'm trying to catch them up. And when I went through two books today that no library had ever cataloged, meaning I truly had to create the records from scratched, and when the second one was one that, shall we say, did not lend itself to cataloging at all. I'll probably spend most of tomorrow working on them too.
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Attended the annual Jane Austen meeting in an overpriced hotel with easy access to the famous beach of Huntington Beach, if an inconvenient location when it came to everything else. Attended a few interesting language, including one that delved into the world of Amazon self-published fan novels. Also finally got to dance at the ball, after being thwarted at two other annual meetings.
I also had time to write the next installment of my Fitzsimmons in space series, and started the next. Then New York Comic Con happened, and this series probably won't go beyond four fics now. But here's the third:

Title: Intercepted Transmission
Fandom: Agents of SHIELD
Characters: Fitzsimmons
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: Doctor Who!
Note: Third part of Just Give Me Your Hand and Hold On. Because I felt very strongly Jemma should get a chance to react to this.

Is the future going to be all girl? )
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Heading to the Jane Austen annual meeting in California tomorrow. Recorded my latest song this weekend largely because of that. Would've tried a couple of more recordings before releasing this one, except my iPad went haywire tonight. I probably need a new one.

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Title: Habeas for Superheroes
Part: 4: Night Two
Fandom: Daredevil/Avengers
Characters: Matt/Foggy, Marci, Luke/Claire
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: Ross being evil
Note: Third installment in my Femme!Foggy series.

At a little past eight the following evening, the three of them were being escorted into a special room in a building in Fort Hamilton, having been obliged to lock their phones up before entering. )
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Last couple of weeks have been crazy. One week had the best sex I've had in my life so far, followed by the guy involved saying the next day we weren't right for each other. The next had me spending most of it waiting to embark on the pair of long and stressful tasks I knew I'd be having to do, only for the materials of one and the instructions for the other to both land Thursday afternoon. Friday wasn't easy. Tomorrow will hopefully contain all of the worst of it. All the while the world goes more and more to hell, and who knows if we'll even be alive and have health care at the end of next week anyway.
Blogging takes up a lot of time too. I'll be doing it like crazy the next two nights, then Wednesday night I'm going to have to do another catch-up on the figure skating news; I'll have to deal with Joshua Farris being out, if nothing else. I finished the next part of "Habeas for Superheroes" this afternoon, but I don't know when I'm going to post it. Also I'm this close to finishing the next part of three more fics. Maybe it'll end up being a double fic post. Or more. And I've got a Fitzsimmons thing I may or may not finish, but if I do, I want to before I head off to the Jane Austen convention next week.
Did take the time out just now to watch Star Trek: Discovery. CBS are being total idiots relegating this to their streaming service. It's engaging enough to totally be watchable week to week on TV, but worth paying for a whole new streaming service? Not really. And even if it was, why on Earth are they relegating something so visually stunning to computer/tablet screens?
Seriously considering not watching Inhumans. I'm going to miss the second episode anyway. If they cancel and pretend it didn't happen, you don't really have to see it, do you?
Also drafted the body of an #ITPE letter. I know it's absolutely crazy of me to sign up for that, but I think I might just do so.
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Quiet day in the Pentagon today. Apparently there was some sort of ceremony at the Pentagon Memorial which was burdened with Trump, but I only heard about that much later. Also we didn't have our usual Monday staff meeting. I spent most of the day coping with our periodicals.
I've got a used printer cartridge sitting on my desk and no real idea of what I'm going to do with it. At one time there might have been a bin outside Staples I could have put it in, but this weekend mom and I both learned the hard was that store isn't as useful as it used to be. They expect you to ship it to someone who will recycle it, but who? Is that even safe anyway?
Have now watched half of Rogue One on Netflix, while I still can. Getting to watch through it a second time at my own pace means I get to look at all the details on the screen, all the ways in which the Star Wars universe is fully realized as a setting already existing for this movie to be placed in. Almost like a period piece in that way, although of course it contributes to the universe and its history and lore as well.
(I suppose I'll probably end up paying for Disney's new streaming service, because they'll probably create new MCU-set series for it sooner or later. But I might hold out for a bit.)
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This is a more cheerful one, one I've had in my head since Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2 came out.

Just to Play My Worries Away )
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Spent the last few days in New York City. I went to the US Open, saw Wicked, and took bus tours. It was the best vacation I've had in a long while.
I also found the time to write two short fics, the first Defenders-based:

Moments That the Words Don't Reach )
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Finished watching Defenders yesterday morning, and have since been catching up on everything everyone's written since. Adds an extra emotional omph to the experience of watching the thing, really. Although then while I was eating dinner and listening to the song shuffle on my iPad, "It's Quiet Uptown" came up, and I was suddenly fighting back tears. There's already one response fic I'm pretty sure I'm going to write that's going to get its title from there. Might write it tomorrow.
Or I might write it during the upcoming holiday in New York. I'm taking a handful of days to go up there, spend a day at the US Open, hopefully see a Broadway show, and just get away. The timing's unfortunate in a couple of ways, especially because I won't get the chance to blog about the new Dancing with the Stars cast, though if it has any Trump cast-offs I won't mind too much. Hopefully they'll at least have the basic sense not to invite any undisputed Nazis like Bannon.
Then again, that whole scene's just getting more and more painful. He pardons the evil sheriff today. He'll probably pardon the guy in Charlottesville if he's convicted too.
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Have an ice dance montage. Password is "icedance"

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Mom just got back from a weeklong trip in Scotland. It's been a weird week for me, all in all. Though I must admit, I've been having a better one than most of the world. Wednesday evening was especially a highlight, when my fourth date with my current guy had him coming over here for dinner and watching The Martian. The cats did not have a good week, though. Ian was so put out he kept throwing up all over the place. Having a stranger come into the house sent him fleeing to the back. Clarissa eventually came up to meet him, though.
Decided to watch one episode of Defenders a day so as to finish before going to New York. Except it seems everyone else has watched through it now, when I'm still only three episodes in! I hadn't even started the second episode before I was spoiled for the biggest thing at the end by a fanfic summary; I eventually went and looked the details up to dispel my anxiety, and now I'm having a very placid watching experience, much more so than while watching previous Marvel Netflix series. At least that allows me to enjoy it more.
Unfortunately I failed to get eclipse glasses, though I spent much of the weekend looking. It seems you had to get them early.
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Before we all get blown up!

Title: Agent Murdock
Part: 8: Presumed
Fandom: Daredevil
Characters: Matt/Karen
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: References to violence and a bit of slut-shaming
Note: I originally came up with this idea and put it up on [community profile] daredevilkink as a prompt before the second season, but after watching said season I decided to write it myself just to cheer myself up.

She’d killed multiple people, of course, the day S.H.I.E.L.D. had fallen. But that day as a whole had been so awful for everyone that Matt wasn’t sure that in particular had had much practical effect on her when they’d cried themselves to sleep together that night. )
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Would've liked another month to work on it, but the challenge ends Monday, so...

You can still enter!
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There are some good points about this week for me. Such as that so far I haven't spent an hour in the night screaming in pain. That happened last week. Also I made it to my date last night, even if my bus home was way late, and we saw Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which was a spectacular ride, even if it wasn't a very good movie. I might even have a good weekend, at least if I can get a good recording of my #Ham4All song, since it's gotta go up this week. (But my run-throughs have stopped feeling right.) There are a couple of things I've been working on I might also finish this week. Or I and my sister might get our day scheduled to go see tennis next week.
If she's in the mood for it by then. I'm not sure if my brother-in-law would be one of the 15 million people to lose his health care under skinny repeal, but it seems a dangerous possibility. I even called Mark Warner Tuesday night, first time I've called a Senator after freaking out in the middle of a phone call to one back in January. Who knows if that's doing any good in the end...
Also worried about my mother in general. She underwent huge dental surgery yesterday, and still isn't back to herself yet. Her vacation's in two weeks, and at this point we have to hope she'll be capable of going. This evening was not a good one. She wants to use Lyft tomorrow, but we can't figure out how to set up payment. I apparently connected it to my Apple account back in October, but no longer remember how I did so. It ended in tears for everyone.


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