Apr. 5th, 2017

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It's now been a week since I was watching the Worlds pairs free, taking notes to recap it for Culturess, when I got the news that my sister and the blog she'd made for Fansided had parted ways. One minute, I was looking at a good if low-paying side career as a professional figure skating blogger, the next I had to look at myself and ask myself if I really wanted it enough to stay. By the end of the week I had decided no. I remained with Culturess until I'd submitted a final quartet of individual event recaps, and then I bailed.
Not that I've even stopped blogging. My sister went back to her old personal blog, and another reason I left was she now needs help keeping the posts coming while she also does freelance blogging work to make some money. Monday night I was recapping Dancing with the Stars as usual. Yesterday there was Plushenko and Sotnikova to write about. At the end of the week I may do a music announcement roundup. Except I'm getting a lot less hits on it, but my sister says she can change that, because now she knows how one gets hits, the way she didn't before working for Fansided.
I'll probably be writing fewer posts. Which I don't mind. It was getting a bit time-consuming by the end.
Meanwhile, mom and I also made plans to go see next year's Worlds in person after she learned it was in Milan. My sister was supposed to come with us, but now she may not be able to afford it. The trip to France we were planning probably isn't going to happen now; I think I may go to New York and the U.S. Open again instead.


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