Mar. 7th, 2017

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When the DC metro's safe-track schedule was released last year, the main shutdown that caught my attention was the one where there'd be no service at all on part of my route to work for a couple of weeks. But now said route's going to be mostly single-tracking for a month. After two days so far, I am happy to take tomorrow off, and that I'd long decided to take the week of Worlds off too.
Although Monday my woes had more to do with not quite reaching the bus stop in time for the first bus and standing for half an hour in the cold. I've since then discovered there's actually a free shuttle that means I might not have to take the train to work at all if I reach King Street at the right time. I could take it back too, but I suspect that would cost me any chance of catching my usual bus. They're getting a couple of trains in and out of Pentagon station just before five, and yesterday when I got on one I had no problem at all. Then today the one I got on sat at National Airport for twenty minutes!
The shuttle's actually provided by Alexandria DASH; it's one that's there no thanks to the Metro. Yet another reminder that this is a good city.


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