Feb. 27th, 2017

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Went into DC this weekend for the first time since the inauguration. We went to the Folder to see As Your Like It as well as meet a friend of my mother's for a light lunch. Aside from the occasional crowd of protesters the city doesn't feel too different yet. Still, I suspect I won't mind if I stay out until out next trip to the Folger or similar. I don't feel welcome there anymore. As You Like It was an okay time, but the production really could've been better.
Watched the Oscars last night until it was 11:30, and the music awards and memorial montage had both just happened. Like everyone else, I wish Lin-Manuel Miranda had won, but I'm sure he'll get it sooner or later. Meanwhile, Debbie and Carrie at the end of the montage had me breaking down for the second year in a row. I'd spent most of the night alternating between being pleased (Boggs/Cottonmouth got an Oscar!), and displeased (Multiple Oscars for the Mel Gibson movie? Really?) Not the mention the whole mess the ceremony itself was. I'm not sorry I missed the climatic fumble. I don't even feel like watching footage of it. I'm more sorry I haven't seen Moonlight, and am not sure when I can find a day to.
Finally watched my DVD of Norwegian Wood tonight. Surprised after it to discover it had included Rinko Kikuchi and also Eriko Hatsune, both of whom I've seen before. Unfortunately, the movie toned the book down a lot, and not even the sexual content (though there was lots of fade to black), but also things like the characterization. Still, I'm glad to have seen it.


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