Jan. 29th, 2017

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Tomorrow I must go back to work for a branch of government that is in contempt of court. Even if I'm just working in the library, that makes me feel like a collaborator. Even if it's not our department that's defying the court orders. Yet. But to throw away my job when I'm so unlikely to get another one and I myself am still committing no wrongs while doing it...not willing to do that one yet.
Then again, it's not like any American with any basic moral decency isn't feeling shame right now. Except maybe those who went out to the airports and the other places and protested, plus the lawyers and other people who could do more than that and did. I don't know if I ever could join these mass protests, simply because of the chance of my having a loud meltdown in public. At least I'm giving biweekly money to the ACLU; I set that up through the Combined Federal Campaign right after the election. It does give me satisfaction I'm actually doing that donating through a government program. Of course if it shuts down I'll have to set things up again...
My father was an immigrant, and one who worked for the government for thirty years. Of course he was a white man from England, already married to an American citizen when he first came here. Still, I may point it out to people who deserve to be slapped upside the head with such facts if I happen to run into them.


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