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Yesterday they had a roast turkey on the pay-per-pound buffet at the Pentagon's Market Basket, which pretty much serves as its cafeteria, with a knife with which one could use to cut pieces off. So I did eat turkey after all, just a day later than most of the country did. Going to work on Black Friday isn't all bad. It was seeming like a nice day. And then we saw news of the latest terrorist attack on CNN. Not that said channel called it that, of course, but it was pretty obvious what was going on from the moment we heard there was a Planned Parenthood involved. People are blaming the latest doctored video and the GOP woman candidate who had spent the last months making up of it to assure voters she loyally supported the war on her own sex, but it wasn't as if this sort of thing hasn't been happening since the 1970s. We're going to need more than dealing with that to end this particular phenomenon.
Warmest November on record continues; walked down to Old Town today and bought the latest Elfquest. I've started following the current series, which I've never done like this; I've always been buying and reading old volumes years and years after their publication, but the cliffhangers they keep throwing at us brought me back to the comic shop today and probably will again next month. I'm not sure how I feel about this plot, though, and how much it's changing the characters and their world; there is such a thing as too much change there, and I fear it happening here. Finished episode eight of Jessica Jones this afternoon; love how the main plotline of that episode resolved itself.
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Title: Call
Fandom: Elfquest
Characters: Newstar/Kimo's Father, Sun-Toucher
Disclaimer: It all belongs to the Pinis.
Warning: I haven't read all of Elfquest, though I have read a lot of it, especially the older comics.
Notes: Takes place during the Kings of the Broken Wheel arc, after the Palace flies off the to new land; this is presumably while Rayek is sitting in the Palace trying to figure the cry out and before Aroree and Kahvi arrive in Sorrow's End.

Sometimes an elf lad and maiden Recognize each other, and bang - it's fixed! )


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