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I admit, despite my protestations to the contrary, this week I really hoped that the end of the lockout was truly in sight. But of course not; then the owners remembered that ours is now a world that rewards bullies, and acted accordingly. All I wonder at now is Gary Bettman's ability to mock us. Apparently he claimed tonight he's tormented at the thought of cancelling another season? Really, Mr. Bettman, it's bad enough you think us fans as walking vending machines, do you have to treat us as complete and total idiots too?
Idiocy from Congress on disability protocol is more expected. Endured EEO training Tuesday morning, when the first half consisted of a guy where we couldn't understand his words, and then a woman came in and amoung other things talked about the disability program I'm employed under, and when she paused for questions all the assumptions and prejudices of people came out. It was hard to sit there and listen, but had I stood up and tried to everyone let everyone see a real life example, would I have broken down? Part of my modus operandi for getting extended is not letting people notice when the fuses upstairs start getting strained, so of course they forget there's anything wrong in the first place. She gave them the truth, of course, but it was probably in one ear and out the other of everyone listening. Really, how could I have been surprised by Congress behaving no better?
Dreamed twice this week of missing the bus. Also of getting taken away by Nazis along with my family, with my mother tweeting that it was the final end.


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