Feb. 1st, 2017

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And now one of Trump's people has declared that if we disagree with anything he says, federal employees should quit. At least that makes me feel much better about staying. In the library we continue final preparations for the launch of our new version of libguides, the service on which most of our online presence sits. Also our eBook services are merging. Tomorrow originally included me calling into a webinar I couldn't view for cybersecurity reasons to learn what that means for us, but we were advised it really isn't much use if you couldn't see it, and we'll get an onsite visit from the vendor people next time they happen to be in the area. Vendors have representatives constantly traveling around, to train people as well as to sell wares.
Spent the last two nights watching the extended edition of The Martian on DVD. It's one of my Christmas purchases, and it's a good movie to have on hand in times like these. Even when things are getting harrowing right now, one can still believe perhaps by the 2030s we'll be sorted out enough for the story to become plausible then. Another on was Guardians of the Galaxy, another optimistic movie.
Wrote a humourous Quack ficlet today in response to Agents of SHIELD, but I'm not sure right now whether it's finished or not, so that'll probably get posted tomorrow. Meanwhile, if the world must end, I ask that it not do so until the season finishes airing. I really need to see know how that all turns out first. Especially since I'm optimistic the writers will leave everyone still alive in a good place, or at least a tolerable one, what with the high chance of the series getting cancelled and everything. At least, I hope they'll be so kind.


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