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Went out in the heat today because I needed a new black ink cartridge. There used to be a Staples 15 minutes walk from my house, but then it shut down, and there is no convenient one anywhere; I ended up going into DC, simply because there was one there by a metro stop. At least I got the cartridge, though when traveling along the *very* long wall of different cartridges for different printers, I briefly worried it wouldn't be available, that having a printer more than a decade old meant they didn't make them for it anymore, and I'd be forced to buy a new one(though I'm kind of stunned mine has lasted that long!), but I finally found it among the low numbers near the end of the HP section. It's installed and the test page has been printed and left me worried about my color cartridge now, but black ink means the train tickets should be scannable when I print them next month. Meanwhile, my face is mildly sunburnt and I may hide in tomorrow after the groceries have been bought.
Years and years ago, when there had only been 2/3 X-Men movies released, somebody said they wanted a Charles/Erik montage to this song, but there probably wasn't enough footage. I think there actually might be now...though I still haven't really made the jump from making skating montages to making other kinds of fanvids.
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Title: Take a Year
Part: 4: When The Incredible Nightcrawler Came to Town
(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Scott Summers/Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Harry Leland, Kurt Wagner
Disclaimer: At least Fox and Marvel have gotten the franchise back on track...
Note:...but this takes place in a universe next door to all that, I think.

Then, five minutes before the show was supposed to start, he saw another familiar face enter the tent. )
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Title: Take a Year
Part: 3: In the Public World
(Part 1, Part 2)
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Scott Summers/Jean Grey
Disclaimer: Arguably Fox is to blame for the 3rd movie throwing the franchise off, in which Marvel was complacent...

Scott had during his life teaching runaways at Xavier’s been aware not only about the difficulty of getting jobs, but that things weren’t good in most of America’s public school systems, particularly urban ones. )

Fic Post!

Oct. 20th, 2012 08:00 am
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Stayed up until 1 last night watching Skate America, then it took me another hour and a half to fall asleep, which worries me. There wasn't even anything in particular keeping me up; I just wouldn't fall asleep. Maybe it's time for another trip to the psychologist. Meanwhile, this morning I finished HTMLing and uploading this to the website, so I thought maybe I should finally post it here too:

Title: Take a Year
Works: 2: Just Another Mutant Lost
(Part 1)
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Scott Summers, Wanda Maximoff, Emma Frost
Disclaimer: Arguably Fox is to blame for the 3rd movie throwing the franchise off, in which Marvel was complacent...

They gathered when they saw me coming/ They shouted when they saw me cross / I said why don't you go home/ Just leave me alone/ I'm just another woman lost... )


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