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Spent this morning switching between the French Nationals, Italian Nationals, & Ukrianian Nationals online streams as each one crashed, until the French stream seemed to lose its camera, the Italian stream stopped loading, and Ukrainian Nationals finished up for the day. Have since watched a couple of the top performances via YouTube. Perhaps tomorrow I shall have better luck.
At any rate today was spent going to meet a member of my Asberger's social group to see the final Hobbit. We got there way too early, I probably talked his ears off while he really didn't talk much, and I ended up declining his invitation to go eat after the movie. He wants to go see another one, but I don't know if I want to. I'm not sure how I felt about the movie either. In terms of quality it was about what I expected; no masterpiece, but fun enough to watch. Though Jackson did get one damn hope up and then dash it... ) But did have one bigger disappointment: after spending weeks not watching the Star Wars trailer because I'd heard it was supposed to be attached to this movie and I liked the idea of seeing it on the big screen first, it wasn't there! Now I suppose I shall seek it out.
Came home to the news I'd accidentally shut the cat up in my room. Not that this stopped him from promptly coming back in here...
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Back from my business trip with an iguana doll that came with a (thankfully removable) santa hat, that I christened Gil-Galad, which caused me of course to dig out my favorite holiday reading. Also it seems while I was out of the area the usual radio station has already switched to playing nonstop Christmas music, though I could've sworn it wasn't supposed to do that just yet. Seriously, it's not even Thanksgiving until next week! Gil-Galad will adorn my office cubicle starting this Monday, but his hat will stay at home until at least after Thanksgiving, maybe even until December.
Stayed in and recovered by watching Trophée Eric Bompard on an often stalling Russian stream, for once without having to worry about reporting on it. Love how Ashley Wagner is kicking ass and taking names right now, but watching Jeremy Abbott just made me sad, because his new free program just isn't moving me right now. Maybe it's because he's apparently not 100% right now, but even in China Exogenisis was making me tremble. But meanwhile back the would-be comeback guys are in dubious injury status, so what chance does that leave the U.S. of three spots in Sochi for way too many deserving guys? Then again, I suppose our Nationals still won't quite be the kind of bloodbath Japanese Nationals is shaping up to be in the men...


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