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Spent the last few days in New York City. I went to the US Open, saw Wicked, and took bus tours. It was the best vacation I've had in a long while.
I also found the time to write two short fics, the first Defenders-based:

Moments That the Words Don't Reach )
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Finished watching Defenders yesterday morning, and have since been catching up on everything everyone's written since. Adds an extra emotional omph to the experience of watching the thing, really. Although then while I was eating dinner and listening to the song shuffle on my iPad, "It's Quiet Uptown" came up, and I was suddenly fighting back tears. There's already one response fic I'm pretty sure I'm going to write that's going to get its title from there. Might write it tomorrow.
Or I might write it during the upcoming holiday in New York. I'm taking a handful of days to go up there, spend a day at the US Open, hopefully see a Broadway show, and just get away. The timing's unfortunate in a couple of ways, especially because I won't get the chance to blog about the new Dancing with the Stars cast, though if it has any Trump cast-offs I won't mind too much. Hopefully they'll at least have the basic sense not to invite any undisputed Nazis like Bannon.
Then again, that whole scene's just getting more and more painful. He pardons the evil sheriff today. He'll probably pardon the guy in Charlottesville if he's convicted too.
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Mom just got back from a weeklong trip in Scotland. It's been a weird week for me, all in all. Though I must admit, I've been having a better one than most of the world. Wednesday evening was especially a highlight, when my fourth date with my current guy had him coming over here for dinner and watching The Martian. The cats did not have a good week, though. Ian was so put out he kept throwing up all over the place. Having a stranger come into the house sent him fleeing to the back. Clarissa eventually came up to meet him, though.
Decided to watch one episode of Defenders a day so as to finish before going to New York. Except it seems everyone else has watched through it now, when I'm still only three episodes in! I hadn't even started the second episode before I was spoiled for the biggest thing at the end by a fanfic summary; I eventually went and looked the details up to dispel my anxiety, and now I'm having a very placid watching experience, much more so than while watching previous Marvel Netflix series. At least that allows me to enjoy it more.
Unfortunately I failed to get eclipse glasses, though I spent much of the weekend looking. It seems you had to get them early.
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The eve of the fourth and I feel like we're heading towards a reckoning, especially with the monsters in power getting more and more blatant in abusing their power and trying to intimidate people who would vote them out to keep them away from the polls. I've got a foreboding something terrible is going to happen tomorrow. I'm certainly not going out the celebrate; I wouldn't feel like doing that anyway. If I do live many more years and have my choice about it, I think I shall spend all these fourths just watching Wimbledon.
Wrote most of a smutpiece tonight for a [community profile] daredevilkink prompt. We'll see if I'm in a state and/or a mood to finish it tomorrow, though I suspect it'll ultimately go up Wednesday even if I do. Then I'll see if we make it to the dropping of The Defenders. If Mike Colter is telling the truth about it being lighter than the individual serieses, I suspect I won't mind much.
Be nice if we could make it too this weekend, anyway. Mom just bought us tickets for an Art Garfunkel concert in the Kennedy Center Saturday night; I think there were dropping prices. Think we won't be going to the beach after all, so I'll be free to see Spiderman Sunday.
Even some booming noises outside my window tonight, but individual fireworks on the 3rd are all too typical, even though they're illegal here in Alexandria. Nothing loud enough to even bother the cats yet, as far as I can tell.
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Mom has officially gotten permission to do a "literary biography" of Winston Graham. It'll be heavy of the "literary" and light on the "biography," but his writings have always been her interest. She read and blogged about the Poldark books long before this new TV series came out. This also means she'll be spending a month in Britain sometime this summer reading up on the relevant documents. I'm not sure she's been away from home for that long since she and dad were married. That'll be an interesting month for the both of us.
For some reason I'm getting a bunch of messages from OkCupid tonight, including a rude one, one from a guy a little too far south, and one from a guy in India! Does anyone ever seriously manage to form anything through OkCupid with anyone who lives on the other side of the planet? Not something I'm up to, I'm afraid. I also got one from a guy who spends most of his time in Dubai, but at least he spoke of traveling to DC occasionally (I wrote a response, but I think my opinion on Dubai offended him, because he hasn't written since).
Now that I'm done with Iron Fist, I'm all ready for The Defenders to come out. Or maybe it can wait until I finish that Karen writing obituaries fic I've been working on. Looking forward way too much to The Punisher too, although at least, unlike Iron Fist it's not pushing any new seasons of the other four series back to a later premiere date than they'd otherwise have. Seriously, do we have to have a second season of that one?


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