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This weekend I've mostly spent watching tennis, happy to have some of it to watch today and eagerly anticipating a 4th of July that allows me to be at home for the Super Monday at Wimbledon. I've associated the holiday with Wimbledon already, but will even more so now that it happens before the amount of matches happening thin out to final rounds. Yesterday Sam Querry's win over Djokovic, despite multiple rain delays, was a huge thrill that had me singing and tweeting about the world turned upside down, and today Tsonga & Isner's five-setter was another quality watch. Watching Coco V win today was fun too.
I did have to take a break from it yesterday, though, to go with my mom to the Folger and see Aaron Posner's District Merchants which adapts the story of The Merchant of Venice to 1870s DC. It turns Antonio into Antoine, a freeborn black making money off Reconstruction, Bassiano in Benjamin Bassiano, the son of a slave and her master pale enough to pass who has a huge emotional conflict over his decision to marry Portia with her initially thinking him white, Portia herself into a regular crossdresser who rails that she has to dress as a boy to study law and certainly shows herself to be a brilliant lawyer in the trial scene, but struggles with her own racism, Nessa and Lancelot into black servants who have their own views of their employers, Shylock into a sympathetic figure driven to be how he is by how the world has treated him, but a tyrannical father, Jessica into a proud Jewish woman who nonetheless runs off with a gentile out of sheer desperation to escape him, and Lorenzo into a louse unaware of his white male privilege, who does nonetheless care for Jessica, and ultimately it's him who converts rather than her! It was the kind of play that is determined to make you think about everything, hitting hard on issues that still affect us today, with maybe a few too many speeches, but it successfully redeemed the original story, and worked especially well with a DC audience. It's just ended its premiere run, and I hope it gets put on again.
Heartbroken over Joshua Farris' retirement, which has put a dampener on my excitement over the Grand Prix. Was it only a year ago he and Jason Brown were supposed to be the next great two and the next rivalry? Jason's commemoration on Instragram was both heartbreaking and heartwarming.
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Got rained on a bit coming home today, and apparently after nice weather all week, thunderstorms will be happening this weekend. When I'll be going out both days, but at least it's to indoor events both times; a Jane Austen meeting with some dancing tomorrow before AwesomeCon on Sunday. Between that and buying groceries, I'll probably miss most of the French Open finals, but I'll be pretty shocked in Serena doesn't win her next and Djokovic doesn't become the third man of the Big Four Era to complete the career slam. Although then again, the same was true last year...
Started watching Star Trek: First Contact on Netflix this evening, since I've never seen it. Only the first quarter of it tonight, but enough to see why it's considered to be such a good movie. From the whole battle sequence through the comms to the unexpected humor of Data dealing with the issue of the 21st century lady shooting at them to the whole scene of Picard getting to touch the Phoenix(it's comforting to think the Smithsonian exists in the 24th century too), plus a plot with plenty of creative twists and turns so far.
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Title: Deuce
Fandom: The Avengers
Characters: Tony/Pepper, various other Avengers
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: This story uses a good deal of tennis vocabulary
Note: Inspired by watching the US Open on ESPN, seeing the cameras and commentators identify various celebrities in the audience, and wondering if the Avengers ever showed up

So really, through much of his life, tennis had been something Tony could take or leave. )
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And now it officially gets cold. This morning when I went to put the empty orange juice bottle in the recycling bin, I discovered a little water accumulation from yesterday had frozen the lid! Thin enough it broke easily, but still. Saturday mom and I went out to see the Met's broadcast of Les Plecheurs de Perles(interesting opera, and one about a Sri Lanka village threatened by floods is perhaps more relevant in the age of climate change than it was when it was first written), and yesterday we had to get groceries, but on the holiday I am able to stay in all day. So naturally U.S. Nationals today doesn't start until 2. Watched a bit of Canadian Nationals instead. I've starting to get much better at telling the difference between well and badly done pattern dances, at least on the lower levels. Also watching the Australian Open yesterday evening and this morning. Although it's difficult to watch an event when you've just read extensive allegations of match fixing and you're left to wonder which of the players you're watching are the ones suspected.
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Both days of this last weekend were spent with Wimbledon in the morning. Was pleased to see Serena win Saturday, especially when she then left Centre Court balancing the Venus Rosewater Dish on her head! I'm sure a lot of the snobs at the All-England Club didn't like that at all, which just makes it all the more delightful. Less happy about Djokovic winning the men's title, or rather, about Roger Federer losing it. It's starting to feel like his final slam count is going to be the current 17.
Saturday afternoon, meanwhile, I was having ordinary enough a day, debating with myself whether or not to join my mother and her autistic friend Vivian to go see the fireworks set up in honor of my city's birthday that evening, when suddenly around 3:30 the power randomly went out. Apparently a lot of people lost power in Northern Virginia, even when the weather was perfect; something must have malfunctioned. So around six we went out to Noodles & Company for dinner, and then together picked up Vivian and went to the orchestra concert & fireworks. They were held in a park by the Potomac, where the crowd was a bit much, but the orchestra did a terrific job, mostly playing movie sountracks which I identified for my elders' benefit, culminating around 9:30 with the 1812 overture, with a cannon present on the far side of the park to fire, and then the fireworks started at the appropriate time during the finale. They played throughout the entire thing, mostly John Williams, Aaron Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man, and Stars and Stripes Forever, making for a great show. The drive home afterwards was so long my phone battery ran dangerously low, but thankfully when we got home the power was back; it had come back within ten minutes of mom and my fleeing the house!
Yesterday we went to Wolf Trap to see The Ghosts of Versailles. Since it was an adaptation of the third play in Pierre Beaumarchais' Figaro trilogy, which contains the two plays adapted into The Marriage of Figaro and The Barber of Seville I was very curious about it. Unfortunately, it was an insult to the memory of Beaumarchais, not only losing all his radical politics but in fact reversing them to worship Marie Antoinette and wrecking his story and characters. It was incoherent as an opera too. Should've gone with my autistic social group instead.
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Have spent much of the past week and a half watching the US Open, using it to recharge hard during Labor Day weekend, though we also took a few hours out Sunday to replace the old vacuum cleaner. The new one does not need to use bags and is especially designed to deal with pet hair, but it's a bit fancy even in the nozzles, which will take some getting used to.
I'm afraid all the top women losing stopped being amusing sometime during the weekend, especially when Serena was going unchallenged enough as it is, though I suppose she probably would've rolled over the top women too given how well she's playing. The men are more entertaining, and that includes Andy Roddick and John McEnroe in the new Chase commercial, the best I've seen for that product. Right now Nole and Mandy are having lots of long points, and I don't know how much I'll stay up for because they'll be going too late for me to watch the whole thing, but I'm enjoying it so far...
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Friday night mom and I went to see a production of Hamlet done by a group originating from the Globe Theatre in London that is currently on a tour which will have them perform in every single nation in the world.  They did it in more or less modern dress, but began and ended with singing and dancing, as they would've back in Elizabethan times.  It worked well enough, though unfortunately I was a little too tired to appreciate a Hamlet where most of the speeches seemed to have been kept in to be lingered over, and I dozed during most of the play within a play.  I was impressed with their work when I was awake for it, though, especially that of the big clownish man who doubled as Polonius and the gravedigger, and their treatment of Ophelia, which really gave the feeling of madness.
But yesterday we went to see a Fringe Festival production of Jean Anouilh's Antigone, which was written for the stage in Nazi occupied France and was done as a mythological play in order to get past the censors; it was really very much about Nazi occupied France.  The Wandering Theatre Company, who staged the production, also drew as many parallels as they could with modern day America, and while certainly it was a far from perfect fit, more than one line really struck home.  And between staging and some intense no-holds-barred performances, it was a powerful, impacting production; when mom and I walked out we agreed it had in fact been better than the Hamlet.   No way I was falling asleep during that one.
Today I went to watching the second round of qualifying at the Citi Open, since it was the day I had free to go watch multiple tennis matches.  Highlights of the day including witnessing Taylor Townsend's power striking and seeing Ilya Marchenko and Robby Ginepri make the main draw a year after I watched them both lose in the first round of qualifying.  Lowlights included getting extremely sunburnt.
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 For the past week, I've been watching ESPN's opening half hours with precious little tennis shown, enjoying a bit of the Wimbledon app radio on the way to work, been limited to following on the scoreboard when I'm not busy with the shelves virtually from 8 AM onwards, and then struggling during the ride home to get a little post-day commentary when usually the reception on the metro & elsewhere doesn't seem to want to allow for it.  I've watch some video in the evening too, but my following was further hampered, unfortunately, by Sports Illustrated debuting a new website format I'm still struggling to navigate.
And to top it off, Wimbledon isn't the only thing going on this week.  Tomorrow I shall be distracted hopefully in the morning by the Grand Prix assignments at long last(after the new tech minimums, which I think to some extent are simply being adjusted for inflation), and in the evening by the NHL draft.  But as if that wasn't enough, suddenly all the skating music is being announced and videos are showing up(and with the Broadmoor Open this weekend, I expect more within the next few days).  I do really like how Bazarova & Deputat are looking.
Also I may have a fourth date Sunday, and just when I thought the guy had broken contact.  But if we can't get the scheduling done and have to wait until next weekend, that might be just as well!
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Went on a second date today. We roamed the National Botanical Garden, where he showed me a fern that will fold up when you touch it, and talked about scaffolding in Asia made of bamboo, and how it's surprisingly steady. We sampled scents on display in the West Gallery, most of which were too strong for me, walked the catwalk(from which we could see their beehive) and sat on a bench in the Jungle display where he spoke of automaticaly expecting to see coconuts when he was in such a place, roamed the gardens outside, which I'd never gotten a chance to see before, and then sat for a long time on a bench by the big fountain across the way, in the shade and kept cool by the spray, which meant I lost all track of time. It was well past five when we finally parted ways, with plans to do National Harbor next. It was a little long to be out though; I came home exhausted, dehydrated, feeling faint at points, and covered in sweat, and it was some time before I could be sure I hadn't just fallen ill. I'm not as spry as I used to be.
Also missed the second half of the French Open final, though so far I've heard nothing about it that makes me regret that. Found the Andy Murray coaching news more interesting. Still, while one wants to be the first pairing of a top male player and female coach to be successful, too many coaching arrangements have failed to work to assume anything at least until this first trial month is up.

Citi Open

Jul. 28th, 2013 12:43 pm
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Went with my sister yesterday, getting there to claim tickets that were supposed to be sent to her job but got lost in the mail, and at some point turned out actually be tickets for day 2, but since they were tickets provided by the event sponsor, the people at the box office were very nice to us and exchanged them for that day. The storms didn’t arrive until after we left around 4, so the only problem we had to deal with was sunburn, and when it could’ve been much hotter than it was.Read more... )
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Storms are always pending in DC these days. Literally as well as figuratively; it seems the weather app is always saying they’ll happen later in the day, and often they don’t. This week they actually weren’t predicted for the evenings, but now isolated storms are predicted for tomorrow afternoon. When, naturally, my sister has a pair of tickets to the Citi Open first day of qualifying thanks to her job(the thing about free things is you don’t control the details). Tennis season is upon us again; this evening I had it on TV, yet another American boy winning largely because his opponent isn’t too tough a one.
Tonight it made me think back to 2009, when I was only just getting into the sport, and I watched an Indianapolis match between John Isner and Wayne Odesnik, the first I heard of either of them; it seems strange now to think it was less than a year before the former’s claim to fame and the latter’s claim to infamy. At the time I initially liked Odesnik better, simply because he looked handsomer, though their play annoyed me until by the time the second set was winding down I was hoping for Isner to win so he would quicker(naturally Odesnik took the set, than Isner won in the third)
Now suddenly on the heels of one suspension comes allegations of another, both of them shorter and less straightforward than the standard two years for an obvious attempt to cheat, but still it shakes you, especially with a Florida druggist allegedly with at least one tennis player on his books likewise in the news, even though one player could, it seems, just be Odesnik, whom we all know about already. Then there’s nothing for it but to wait to see if anyone, Troicki, Cilic, or others, say anything more than they already have, or someone else gets caught. There are storms no app predicts.
Order of play for the Citi Open isn’t out yet either. It’s always a waiting game of some sort.
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Actually, it seems like this was a week of aggravations. Today started with my getting stuck in the rain without an umbrella while waiting for the bus, and now it seems a whole bunch of people in the neighborhood are setting off fireworks. One family with little children is doing it in the street right in front of our house-I don't want to think of the ways that could go wrong. It's not even legal in this city, but that doesn't seem to stop anyone these days.
At least the week did provide us with a new ShibSibs video, and one I find especially amusing as someone with some familiarity with Food Network competitions(though I suspect a lot of the skating world was introduced to them thanks to Johnny anyway). I need to figure out how to get my sister to watch it; she'd probably be amused too. Though perhaps I've done enough getting her to cheer for Andy Murray; her time at the beach today was wrecked by watching his extended match which she seems to have reacted to in the style I've seen in countless over-invested tennis fans on Twitter, and I am aware that this is all my fault.
Can no longer tell what is fireworks and what is thunder. Really unsettling.
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A few last observations:

I wonder now if there was ever really much hope of three spots in Sochi for the U.S. men, which of course would now require a bit of a miracle(if there were enough mistakes, I could actually see Max Aaron & Ross Miner going 6-7 in some order, but things would have to go exactly right). But if we lose any chance of it in the ladies because Gracie Gold cracks, the blame ought to be on Phil Hersh & NBC for pushing her too hard.
I did finally find some appreciation for Jeremy’s “Bring Him Home” long. But I still miss Exogenesis. On the other hand, I may watch the gala broadcast today just to see his Philip Philips number in HD!
We really all will miss Serena Williams, should there come a time when Viktoria Azarenka stands in her place. Say what you will about Serena; she’s no cheater.
And in conclusion, why did I not know until yesterday that Alisa Aagfonova & Alpar Ucar were doing their short dance this year to “Fairytale”?

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Watched pattern dances Sunday for the first time since couple have been allowed to pick their own music for them, watching the Novice pattern dances at US Nationals. Kind of think it’s cheating with the couple who did their Starlight Waltz to Pirates of the Caribbean as what was pretty much a paso doble, when it was already the other pattern dance. Quite appreciated the pair that did the Norwegian Wood Waltz in 60s costume, and then followed it up with My Heart Will Paso Doble On, which was just funny. Enjoyed the free dance even more, even as it distracted me from Obama getting sworn in, if only because I didn’t get to see much of the junior dance competition.
Caught the tail end of the Junior Pairs free today, on the other hand, and loved seeing Britney Simp0son & Matthew Blackmer do so well after the JGP disappointments. Jessica Calalang & Zack Sidhu too, though I didn’t arrive home in time for them. But poor Madeline Aaron & Max Settlage. Her brother talking them up on how prepared they were and that terrible skate happening anyway because it does sometimes and them so miserable afterwards. Hope it doesn’t cost them a Junior Worlds spot.
But why in the Junior Ladies event so late? *sigh*
Speaking of the inaugural, I admit I tend to be cynical about politicians making speeches. But I did notice a very strong reaction on Twitter, and even before then I recognized the emotional significance, to Obama acknowledging LGBT people and even advocating for their equal rights in his speech. The rest of us he advocates for will wait until he actually does something, but there, it’s still been so little time that’s becoming acceptable that bringing them into the speech is doing something.
Haven’t watched nearly enough tennis this week, scared of Sharapova, a little sad for Serena, coming dangerously close to liking Stan Wawrinka again.
But don't even talk to me about the Caps. In fact, I'm getting over the return of hockey pretty quickly...
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With GIP of Meryl Davis & Charlie White. Where we left off: Having figured the subway out better... )
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Saw less this week, between being too tired at night to stay up as long, and NBC not even showing anything before I go to work by the end of the week. Left me quite put out to see the rhythmic gymnastics qualifying happening on my Twitter and being unable to watch, while knowing NBC didn’t even have anything else they were showing in its place. Finally got it in 15-20 minute increments in between other things this afternoon, and I wish there had been more of it. Loved the two Russian women, though, their ribbon programs especially. And the Korean girl’s ball program. And that she idolized Yu-Na!
It’s been a week, and I’m still not entirely sure the fact that Andy Murray is Olympic champion has sunk in. Maybe it will by the time the US Open rolls around. Every now and then I think about it and feel vaguely happy, but that’s all. I’ve been feeling quite proud of the country my parents left long before I was born but we all still keep a very keen interest in. As well as the women of my own country; I care less how many medals the Americans win in general but it’s definitely very nice to see the women do so well.
I’ve been more aware of Maria Kirilenko winning bronze, though, if only because of her boyfriend’s reaction, leaving me in the very awkward position of suddenly finding him adorable.
Right now I don’t entirely know what to make of poor Carolina Kostner’s doping boyfriend juxtaposed with her own withdrawal from the Grand Prix. Not that I believe he’s lying when he insists she had no involvement or knowledge, but I think this is going to cause her more turmoil than her agent wants to publicly admit to, and that the withdrawal may very well be because she’s going to have too much to deal with off the ice, especially if it does come to legal charges. As for whether he was doping longer than he admits, in all likelihood we’ll have a better idea of that later(though if he was, her not knowing becomes less likely, though still plausible enough; I’ve read there are cyclists who dope for years and even their wives have no idea). Rather amused by race walking in general.
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If a sport has a system where the reigning world champion in the most prestigious event for that sport finishes 4th in Olympic qualifying and doesn't make the final? There is something wrong with that system! Amused, however, by hearing that everyone hates the scoring system and the Russians are overscored. Would've liked watching the balance beam best, but the lack of music makes me sad. But what's wrong with Gabrielle Douglas' hair? It's perfectly nice hair.
Wished they showed more archery. I suppose I should be grateful to The Hunger Games for getting this much of it on TV, but I was interested in it as a kid and would love to see all of it shown, the way they're showing swimming prelims instead. Amused it's being held on Lord's Cricket Ground.
Yesterday was the reason it's worth it cheer for and suffer through Roger Federer and Andy Murray both, why I've persisted even while being reduced to desolation when they're both playing badly, bristling as the media sneers at first one and then the other, crying in front of the TV through Mandy's last two slam finals, wondering if he'll ever win a slam, and then wanting to die when one goes too far with Juan Martin del Potro & the other has to play Novak Djokovic, and I can't even follow properly and have to keep a normal face on because I'm at work. Because eventually, they'll both win their Olympic semifinals and you know one of them's going gold and even the other will walk away with the silver. I was walking on air for a few hours(at least until IceNetwork ruined everyone's day. Grrrr.). Kind of sad to hear Maria Kirilenko's blowing her best chance to medal(because the doubles is impeded by both American pairs, really Liezel, can't you win when I actually want you to?), but ultimately, I can ask for no more from tennis this year.


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