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Finished watching Defenders yesterday morning, and have since been catching up on everything everyone's written since. Adds an extra emotional omph to the experience of watching the thing, really. Although then while I was eating dinner and listening to the song shuffle on my iPad, "It's Quiet Uptown" came up, and I was suddenly fighting back tears. There's already one response fic I'm pretty sure I'm going to write that's going to get its title from there. Might write it tomorrow.
Or I might write it during the upcoming holiday in New York. I'm taking a handful of days to go up there, spend a day at the US Open, hopefully see a Broadway show, and just get away. The timing's unfortunate in a couple of ways, especially because I won't get the chance to blog about the new Dancing with the Stars cast, though if it has any Trump cast-offs I won't mind too much. Hopefully they'll at least have the basic sense not to invite any undisputed Nazis like Bannon.
Then again, that whole scene's just getting more and more painful. He pardons the evil sheriff today. He'll probably pardon the guy in Charlottesville if he's convicted too.
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There are some good points about this week for me. Such as that so far I haven't spent an hour in the night screaming in pain. That happened last week. Also I made it to my date last night, even if my bus home was way late, and we saw Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which was a spectacular ride, even if it wasn't a very good movie. I might even have a good weekend, at least if I can get a good recording of my #Ham4All song, since it's gotta go up this week. (But my run-throughs have stopped feeling right.) There are a couple of things I've been working on I might also finish this week. Or I and my sister might get our day scheduled to go see tennis next week.
If she's in the mood for it by then. I'm not sure if my brother-in-law would be one of the 15 million people to lose his health care under skinny repeal, but it seems a dangerous possibility. I even called Mark Warner Tuesday night, first time I've called a Senator after freaking out in the middle of a phone call to one back in January. Who knows if that's doing any good in the end...
Also worried about my mother in general. She underwent huge dental surgery yesterday, and still isn't back to herself yet. Her vacation's in two weeks, and at this point we have to hope she'll be capable of going. This evening was not a good one. She wants to use Lyft tomorrow, but we can't figure out how to set up payment. I apparently connected it to my Apple account back in October, but no longer remember how I did so. It ended in tears for everyone.
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The eve of the fourth and I feel like we're heading towards a reckoning, especially with the monsters in power getting more and more blatant in abusing their power and trying to intimidate people who would vote them out to keep them away from the polls. I've got a foreboding something terrible is going to happen tomorrow. I'm certainly not going out the celebrate; I wouldn't feel like doing that anyway. If I do live many more years and have my choice about it, I think I shall spend all these fourths just watching Wimbledon.
Wrote most of a smutpiece tonight for a [community profile] daredevilkink prompt. We'll see if I'm in a state and/or a mood to finish it tomorrow, though I suspect it'll ultimately go up Wednesday even if I do. Then I'll see if we make it to the dropping of The Defenders. If Mike Colter is telling the truth about it being lighter than the individual serieses, I suspect I won't mind much.
Be nice if we could make it too this weekend, anyway. Mom just bought us tickets for an Art Garfunkel concert in the Kennedy Center Saturday night; I think there were dropping prices. Think we won't be going to the beach after all, so I'll be free to see Spiderman Sunday.
Even some booming noises outside my window tonight, but individual fireworks on the 3rd are all too typical, even though they're illegal here in Alexandria. Nothing loud enough to even bother the cats yet, as far as I can tell.
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It was a nice weekend. Sunday I did another round at AwesomeCon and bought enough for a thread of photos on Twitter, from my costume onward. Since then, I've come to realize one of the reasons it was one of the happiest weekends I've had in a while is because I spend so much of it completely cut off from the news.
Back to reality this week. I'm getting a little tired of these "almost-wins" in special elections, where everyone talks as if we should appreciate the possibility of the red state people saving us. They're not going to, and quite frankly, they don't deserve the opportunity. They out to be scorned and called out for being racist and electing people who suppress votes and clearly having no respect for the values our country was supposed to founded on.
And now the latest. I was lucky, pre-Obamacare, that officially I hadn't been diagnosed with anything. Not the case now. If I stayed with DoD I think I'd hold on to my health insurance, but now I have to, because if I ever lost the job there's no way I could get insurance under Trumpcare. Meanwhile my sister and brother-in-law would probably lose it, and when that could kill the latter. I have no faith the Senate won't pass it. The Republicans clearly think they can keep power through racism and voter suppression. That costs us the last chance we have of saving ourselves, because there's nothing to stop them from doing their worst now. Today's disgraceful display of police brutality against my fellow disabled people is particularly painful.
Doesn't help matters my head's been throbbing most of the day. There once was a time my sinus issues were long gone by this point in the summer. But that was before climate change fucked all that up.
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Went to the Folger Theatre to see their production of Timon of Athens, a play I knew literally nothing about going in. Not the first Shakespeare play I've done that with in my life, but the first one in a very long time. I wasn't sure what to make of it. On one hand, it's one that happens to be pretty relevant to the modern day, and the modern-dress production enforced that. On the other, it was a bit too bizarre for me, and it was also done a bit more loudly than necessary. It's pretty clear why people don't put it on that often; it's not an easy play at all. Mom compared it to Beckett. I have not enjoyed what exposure I have had to Beckett...
Even stranger was Thursday, when everyone was hooked on Comey, and all I could think was how much real difference can what he says make, when the Republicans won't impeach Trump anyway, and even if they did, they're still taking away our health care? Not to mention I was more distracted by the British election, which I started the day equally pessimistic about. Nor do I think things look particularly good for the immediate future, if top position is still looking likely it'll either stay with Theresa May or go to Boris Johnson. Yet it was a relief to see them weakened rather than strengthened, and I still feel better about the long-term future of Britain than I did, especially since it looks like Scotland may not be leaving after all. Maybe in five years time, they will right their ship over there. Meanwhile, I quite enjoyed election night, and the amusement of the likes of Lord Buckethead. I'd say I'd like him over here, except it would be depressing, because he'd still make a better president than Trump.
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Tonight, my mother went out to see a cinematic broadcast of a London production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf starring Imelda Staunton. And she got confused as to where she'd put the car, and called me in hysterics, before she found the security office and they helped her find it. Not the most auspicious night before our upcoming beach vacation. Apparently the production wasn't very good either.
Now one episode away from finishing Iron Fist. About time, since they're starting the buildup to The Defenders. Finishing with mixed feelings. The later part of the season is definitely better paced and more engaging than the first half. But there are still plenty of things it doesn't fix, and meanwhile, I'm really not sure how I feel about the whole twist with Colleen Wing.
Wondering if maybe we'll be rid of Trump after all, but also wondering if it'll do much good at this point, unless this whole Flynn and the transition team thing actually takes out Pence too, the investigation first takes long enough to stretch to 2019, and the House flips. But that would be a year and a half away, by which time all the damage may have been done. Meanwhile, they're not even letting us write to the FCC about Net Neutrality any more, and I don't know what happens to any of us if we lose that. Getting kind of tired of Comcast's lies getting tweeted into my timeline too.
Actually, getting kind of tired of all the promoted tweets you aren't even allowed to dismiss any more. It's not to the point where I'm considering leaving Twitter yet, but they are making themselves harder to use in more than one way.
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Tomorrow I must go back to work for a branch of government that is in contempt of court. Even if I'm just working in the library, that makes me feel like a collaborator. Even if it's not our department that's defying the court orders. Yet. But to throw away my job when I'm so unlikely to get another one and I myself am still committing no wrongs while doing it...not willing to do that one yet.
Then again, it's not like any American with any basic moral decency isn't feeling shame right now. Except maybe those who went out to the airports and the other places and protested, plus the lawyers and other people who could do more than that and did. I don't know if I ever could join these mass protests, simply because of the chance of my having a loud meltdown in public. At least I'm giving biweekly money to the ACLU; I set that up through the Combined Federal Campaign right after the election. It does give me satisfaction I'm actually doing that donating through a government program. Of course if it shuts down I'll have to set things up again...
My father was an immigrant, and one who worked for the government for thirty years. Of course he was a white man from England, already married to an American citizen when he first came here. Still, I may point it out to people who deserve to be slapped upside the head with such facts if I happen to run into them.
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Why did HBO move their Bright Lights documentary up to a time when it would conflict directly with the mid-season premiere of Star Wars: Rebels? I would've liked the have properly watched the former, but the latter took priority. It was a good premiere, too, even if the dialogue fell victim to being aimed at the younger age bracket near its end. It's also a new comfort when watching to know for a fact that Hera, Chopper, and the Ghost at least will survive to see the events of Rogue One, although I'm still not sure whether they survive the events of that movie or not.
Unnerved by the latest behavior of Congress. Of course they were going to target government employees, and nobody's even going to call them out for the racism of doing so. And I'm not even attached to anything that offends them too much, since most of them don't seem to even notice libraries. But what if they go after every federal employee who ever made a liberal tweet in their lives? Also over WikiLeaks' latest threat. My sister's a verified user on Twitter; they'd go after her. They too I knew to be bad news, even when the rest of the left supported them. You always view these people differently when yours is the name they might leak, especially if you never did much significant in your life.
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Saw Rogue One last night. It was a powerful movie. It would've been at any time, and released in our current circumstances, it is even more so. Yet a day later, I'm still not fully sure what how I feel about it. It went by very fast: modern-paced, in contrast to the original trilogy, made at a time when the pace wasn't so fast. The prequels were a little faster, I suppose, but they were a bit unsteady anyway, and I didn't feel it the way I did with Rogue One. Maybe if I see it again, but I don't know when I'll have time. I kind of really want to see La La Land, and I suspect mom and I will go to something different than that Christmas Day.
Today mom and I went to see The Second Shepherd's Play at the Folger, a very old and very silly play where the antics of the shepherds before they went to see Jesus weren't quite so dignified. Period music, too, which I always love. In the gift shop I showed mom the Shakespeared versions of Star Wars, and she bought me The Empire Striketh Back. I've read the first two acts so far. It's really weird at times, but hilarious at others.
Everyone urging the electors to go crazy, but really, what's the use? It's clear they won't simply flip in favor of Hilary, and even if they do manage to throw it into the House, they'll just elect Trump anyway.
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Over the past few days, I have commiserated with my co-workers; we all have the same opinion on how things went down. Every time I have walked past a white man in the Pentagon, I have wondered, Did you help screw us over? When the IT guy who I have been struggling to get any help out of for my computer, which has been dealing with an Outlook issue eating up the hard drive for a couple of weeks now, I was relieved when he was black; that meant I had no problem being nice. I felt better when I saw the tweets about the protest marches last night, and especially the messages they chanted. But then came the tweets reporting all the hate crimes. Now the details start coming in about what Trump's going to do. Leonard Cohen is dead and I am numb.
Also, I came home after having ended my week with a swim as usual, and learned the water heater was down. Unable to face the prospect of a cold shower, I ended up washing my hair in the sink for the first time since I was a child.
At least tomorrow off means I'll be able to watch the entire Trophée de France live. That's not the only work I'm going to be doing for Fansided either this weekend. My sister is making speeches about providing people comfort to help them get through the next four years.


Nov. 9th, 2016 05:47 am
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I don't know what's going to happen today. Or at the end of January. Or in February. Or after that. I only know that this never should have happened. I have been told not to hate anyone. I have been told to go to work today, to keep going as long as DoD wants to keep me, to survive. Then again, under Trump, maybe I'll just be thrown out onto the street. That'll leave my conscience cleaner, at least. Might leave my mom and me in serious trouble, though.
And right now, my main emotion is rage. This is who people allowed to get into power. This is who men were willing to hand the country to rather than vote for a woman. This is who way too much of this country is cheering for. I had once hoped after 2008 I could stop being ashamed to be American. I don't think I'll ever stop being ashamed ever again. I certainly will never forgive anyone who voted for Trump, or anyone who voted to Stein in a swing state, or anyone who enabled all this. This is unforgivable. This is no longer my country. Not when it told me last night exactly what it thinks of me. Now it's just where I'm unfortunate enough to live.
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Just finished watching the first episode of The Crown. Enjoyed it, and hope to enjoy the second episode too. But I don't think I'll get around to watching it before the election, and if Trump wins, I doubt I'll be in the mood for watching it then. I watched the first episode of The West Wing last week, same thing. It made me almost sad to watch the latter. The 90s were such an innocent time. Although I could've done without self-important white man Josh. I understand people used to ship him with his secretary. I don't know if I'll be able to do that. Election night itself I might fall back on Animaniacs during the early hours. Though even that's a bit of 90s nostalgia. Perhaps that urge to go back to the time before a second Bush and four planes changed our country's course will help Hillary in the end. Except we can't, really. Too much has happened since then.
Though even if she does win, I'm worried about what happens in four years' time. The fascists in our country aren't going anywhere. I'm hoping the IRS finally does arrest Trump, but they'll find another leader. One who might not make his awfulness so obvious, who might be able to be voted in come 2020, especially if they suppress enough votes.
Spent the past week trying to figure out if there's any way out of this country should the worst happen. I can get British citizenship, and even May would be preferable to Trump, but I manage there? If mom comes with me, can we? But if I lose my job, we might just want to move somewhere cheaper. Who knows where...
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Yep, white terrorists are allowed to take over government buildings, stay there for weeks, and threaten more violence, and get away scot free. God forbid Native Americans protest big oil violating their sovereign land and putting their water at risk, though. It's times like this you feel really glum, because even the better presidential candidate won't fix these problems; she merely won't make them any worse either. Not that this will stop the likes of the Bundys from going after people in the name of avenging her supposed wrongs, now that this jury in Oregon has given people like them a green light. I fear for the people hurt and possibly even killed on election night if Trump loses. There are a lot of people whose hands that blood will be on, but it will be partly on the system that let these seven terrorists go free today.
Didn't have a good day all in all. Discovered after mom went off to her next conference that the dishwasher won't close. Washed my dinner dishes by hand and avoided making a mess, but now that's got to be dealt with. And when my toothbrush has gone missing too.
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I haven't actually listened to the Trump recording. I'm not watching the debate right now. Neither would tell me anything I don't already know. I watched my timeline erupt in shock a short while ago when Trump actually outright said he'd try to have Hilary arrested if he won. But we knew even that one already. He pretty much indicated it back during the summer when he and his supporters were calling her a criminal.
It's been kind of weird, watching America finally get revolted by a guy they should've run away from screaming long before now. Friday night, enjoying a workday ended 59 minutes early and a meal out, I didn't even react much to the news. Trump is a monster who almost certainly has committed rape at least against one or more of his wives and probably other women too, yes, that's established fact already. Even the horror that kind of thing usually produces has been in the air so long it's lost its potency. Perhaps right now America doesn't want to admit they're actually letting such a man get away with being a presidential candidate, and that they did so for so long without this kind of reaction.
Three days time and we're headed off to England for a week. It'll be nice to have a break from everything going on right now.
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I'm fed up with all of it. I am fed up with living in fear of my country being about to elect a fascist who'll destroy it. I'm fed up with watching the media help him out. I'm fed up with everyone killing everyone, to the point that I can't even keep track anymore. I'm fed up with feeling helpless.
Except I still do.
I spent much of the weekend blogging about the JGP event and the Nebelhorn Trophy, since I felt I had to cover the latter. Especially since I'm going to have to cover next week's Autumn Classic, what with Virtue & Moir starting their comeback there. Along with a four-discipline JGP event, and the Japan Open. At least that has a limited number of skaters. Sorry, Ondrej Nepala Memorial; you probably won't even be watched at all. Unless something truly crazy happens there.
I should also write an article about Sui & Han. Tonight, I suppose. I hope no other news broke since I last checked the message boards...
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15 years since the place by dad used to work and I work in now got planed, and in the last few days I've grown fearful again of a far graver disaster that could happen in November. Yeah, Hillary's crime this time is telling the truth, but what good is it to tell the truth when noone who doesn't know it already will listen? Trump's ads were on ESPN during the US Open. During the final days Hillary's attack ads against him began to enroach too. I am not looking forward to commercial breaks during Dancing With the Stars and Agents of SHIELD.
I skipped the Pentagon's remembrance service this year, but there's noone who works in that building who hasn't thought of it these past few days, the day people like us became the target. People like my dad, who was in another DoD facility by that time, but he always might have been otherwise. Whatever you think of us, the Department of Defense workforce, or about how much danger we may be in compared to others who might be in more, you must acknowledge how that hits a person. I am glad to be quietly as home today, preparing more material for Fansided.
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Mom can't catch a break; today her laptop malfunctioned! Thankfully our expanded IT support continues to keep her computers working, but it meant another exciting day while I was off at work, trying to get the bindery to provide a date for pickup that was at least 24 hours away so we could actually get them cleared to pick the books up, removed expired accounts, and dealt with books with cataloging complications. Also limped about at times because my legs were in such pain. I'm pretty sure what's causing the leg pain, but the doctors are still finding nothing wrong.
Also breaking in a new set of headphones. Really uncomfortable. I'd be tempted to buy the new Apple ones, but they wouldn't even plug into my iPod, and I don't know if anyone's selling adapters yet. Meanwhile the price on our phones is going up. The people who make the smartphones know that we their customers are no longer willing to go without them, and I expect there to be much more pain for people as a result.
Mom also seemed perturbed by how little I cared when she came in this morning saying something about leaked Melania Trump nudes. Really, I think we have much more real-problem things to get hysterical over by this point! Honestly was shocked by his comments about sexual harassment today. Not even sure why; it's not like I was actually surprised, just shocked anyway.
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Everyone on my Twitter timeline is praying for Nice. I'm incapable of prayer, but there's always room for more grief, especially when the death rate's already past 70 and might go higher still. My sister went to Nice once. She described how beautiful it was. I myself have only been in Paris, but I'd like to see Nice someday. Certain Americans preach that terrorists target us because they hate our way of life, but whether or not that's true for us, I think it genuinely is true when ISIS targets France-although of course right now we can't even be sure this one was them; there's just so much violence in the world now. When even Medina isn't safe...well, that says something about ISIS, that they actually targeted once of Islam's most holy cities, but since it happened I've felt like there's no boundary the more evil people of the world won't violate.
Speaking of evil people, my mom was actually hoping Trump would choose Newt Gingrich for his running mate, thinking that might help bring him down. Instead he goes with an unknown. Well, Sarah Palin was an unknown when McCain brought her into the spotlight. Meanwhile, apparently journalists going to the Republican convention are doing so with very real fears of being subjected to violence. Hopefully nothing will occur in Cleveland like what happened today, but who knows, the world is so crazy. While my brother-in-law prepares to go to Philadelphia because the company he works for is doing the lighting for the Democratic convention, but hopefully that'll be less dangerous.
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For three days last week I ran away from the world. I took a look inside the New York Public Library and gaped at the building, went to Lin-Manual Miranda's final #Ham4Ham show and had an experience that was worth the hours in the heat, saw the exhibit in the Met about Pergamon and the Hellenistic era, and enjoyed a slow walk through Central Park. I came back to news that got uglier and nastier by the day, absorbed while enduring a much-prolonged commute to work to start a depressing Friday; this morning I forgot I needed to catch and earlier bus and so was late. I got a respite or so during the weekend, attending Alexandra's annual fireworks and going swimming, but this morning I woke with back pain I think has been caused by the latter. I may even have to try to the doctor over my back issues, but how much are they likely to do about it?
For a moment on Thursday, I wondered if maybe these latest pair of murders by the police would prove the tipping point; it seemed now *everyone* was tweeting about it, everyone was mad about it, and some sort of change might finally be forced in. But then came the shooting in Dallas, and of course that wrecked whatever chance of that there was. Though sadly, maybe there wasn't anyway.
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Yet another one. Istanbul this time. What can most of us even do at this point?
As if this past week hasn't been bad enough. I was glum over the prospects for Great Britain the entire weekend, especially when I heard about how the vote has released all the racism over there. If Scotland leaves now, noone with sense will blame them, but they'll hand political control of Britain over to the likes of Boris Johnson. But then again, hell apparently seize it anyway. I've read things about how this does not mean Trump will win over here(and apparently even Johnson wants nothing to do with him!), but this sort of thing is enough tor really unnerve you, especially when apparently House Republicans finally did insist on declaring Hillary at fault in Benghazi by scraping together whatever they could. Obviously their report is an exercise in finding the conclusion they wanted to find, but who'll realize that?
Rebinding project might actually be coming together; I'm getting paperwork submitted and I may or may not now have all the books gathered; it'll probably depend on whether anyone wants anything changed tomorrow. Added some history books today, but a lot of those are cheaper to simply replace. Been watching Olympic trials in the evening; I considered not watching the games this year but I think I'm giving in there. If there's not news out of Brazil even worse than what's happened already this year.
Also went back to Pottermore, deleted my account and rejoined, and this time got myself back into Ravenclaw with a version of the Sorting quiz where I didn't even have to strategize too much to get the right result. I like her latest writings, but reading what I have about Cursed Child alarms me a bit...


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