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Sunday while watching the Intermediate Men's free at Nationals, I found myself watching a boy skating his free program to Hamilton. He won the bronze too. Since Lin-Manuel Miranda actually said on Twitter once he's happy to hear about any Hamilton skating programs, I tweeted this news to him, and even manage to find video from Regionals on YouTube. Two days later, I'm still getting notifications of people reacting! I suppose it has to stop at some point, but who knows when. Before or after the next Hamilton program shows up?
In spare moments I've been reading Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes. This may be the best retelling of the Greek myths I've ever read. It's lively, it's funny, it tries to make things make sense and calls them out when they can't, and it even tries to give the reader some knowledge of what Ancient Greece was really like. Also, it has the history of the Amazons and at least one other female-centered story that weren't in any of the mythology books I had as a kid. It seems Riordan realized we ought to have some of those stories in there.
Got my Pentagon badge replaced today, since it was set to expire in two weeks. Now I'm don't have to worry about it until 2020. If we're all still alive by then...


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