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Over in the office responsible for such things, they've sent out a request for quotes to to any contractors willing to rebind our damaged books.  I will be responsible for looking at those quotes when they show up, but until then it's a waiting game.  Meanwhile, I started to inventory our microfilm collection so we could put up lists on the cabinet sides of what's in each drawer, and discovered things were a bit discombobulated.  Spent much of today fixing things with our microfilms of Stars and Stripes newspapers from World War II and after.  I learned today that there are a handful of official Star and Stripes military newspapers that have been running for decades, and there were a bunch of unofficial ones that ran for a couple of years in all the places the army happened to be during World War II.  I don't think we necessarily have copies of them all, but we have copies of a lot of them.  We also have about twelve drawers worth of New York Times microfilm!  Those were easy drawers to inventory.  Make the lists a little shorter too, because those things are going to be longer.  Given how much microfilm we discarded during the massive weed I was a bit stunned to discover how much we still had, mostly whatever years of our various periodicals aren't in our online databases, I think.
Finished Mary Beard's book on Rome, now know a lot more about its history and empire; she went over a lot of things most Latin or even Roman History classes never even touch on.  Now reading The Martian.  Two chapters in it feels quite different from the film, mostly because of the narrative's being restricted to the main character's journals, although as is usual, the exact details of various plot points are much more complicated in the book, so there's plenty in the pages.


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