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Went with my mother to a Charlotte Smith conference, to sooth her nerves when the phone didn't work, and figure out where we were when my phone could get enough signal to use the map app, and perform other useful tasks like that. I'd picked up that Charlotte Smith was an 18th century author who'd suffered greatly in life at the hands of an abusive husband who had a legal right to any money she made and she couldn't divorce, but didn't know much about her works. Sitting through two mornings of papers taught me a bit about it, as did listening to a chorale and a live performance of parts of a song cycle made from her poetry. But one can only have so much interest in academic essays about an author one has never read.
Both afternoons I skipped out to go for walks. The conference was held at Chawton House, which passed to one of Jane Austen's brothers, and he let his widowed mother and sisters stay in Chawton Cottage, where Jane lived for the final years of her life, and started getting published, so seeing that and her little writing table was a highlight. Sunday we also went on a trip to the house where she grew up; the current owner, who'd written the chorale, let us see the grounds she'd wandered when young. We also saw another house connected to her, now owned by the National Trust, and the church where she was buried. Monday we went to London, and managed to see a museum exhibit and a play. There was a brief scare Tuesday when we were told our plane had been overbooked, but then we got on it.
Mom now talks of not traveling to another conference for a while. The big annual Jane Austen one started in DC today, and neither of us even feel like going to most of it, though I'll drag myself there for a few hours Saturday. Charlotte Smith was apparently an influence on Jane Austen.
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Days later finally forcing myself to sit down and finish my narrative while I still remember something of the final day; Sunday mostly just consisted of getting home so I won't bother with it.

Saturday )
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Let's see if I can keep my head on straight after watching that most recent episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. long enough to write this:

Friday )
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Thursday was my day by myself, to do with as I pleased, with mom planning to be gone until the evening. I started the day with no real plans except a need to buy hairwash.

Thursday )
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Back today from a five-day journey that took me to Canada for the second time in my life, my first visit to Quebec, and the first time since high school I've been in a place where the principle language of the streets wasn't my own. My trip can be divided into two halves: before the Jane Austen convention I was there for really got underway, and after.

Wednesday )

Will continue my account tomorrow, hopefully.
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I've finished the first part of this. I am terribly embarrassed.

Title: Young Wizards of 1800 and 1801
Part: 1: Miss Elizabeth Bennett
Fandom: Harry Potter/Jane Austen/Patrick O'Brian(and there may be others later)
Characters: Elizabeth Bennett, Jack Aubrey, the Thorpes, Sir Thomas Betram, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Mrs. Bennett, Jane Bennett, Mr. Bennett
Disclaimer: The universe is owned by Rowling. Jack belongs to the O'Brian estate. The other characters are all out of copyright.
Warning: Shameless crossover mashup. Also, a wall blowing up
Notes: It started with my mentally Sorting the Austen heroines, and just sort of snowballed from there.

For the most part, ever since its founding, Diagon Alley has cared little what age it happens to be. )
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Watching the results episode pre-show this evening, I was actually taken back to my first taste of Dacning With the Stars, a year before I started watching regularly, when Joey's Jedi tango got linked to on YouTube while I was in the thick of Star Wars fandom. It was fun to see it again with more knowledge of the context. Spoilers for the results from five minutes ago... )
Went to a Jane Austen meeting Sunday where mom and I had a bit of a stressful time trying to make sure we went to the right mall in Tyson's Corner, found we'd been to the restaurant before, but not to the back room, where we were packed in so tight noone sitting the middle of a table could get out, and then enjoyed good food and a lecture on obituaries of the era and how dead people are remembered in Austen's work. The speaker on the first, who runs a British magazine on Austen, was entertaining, but told us more about Princess Charlotte than Jane Austen; I felt my parents had better analysis of his subject around the dinner table that evening. The second speaker, who sells Jane Austen-themed books, made it more about the novels, of course, and she was smart, if a little sentimental on occasion. Tommorrow my parents go to where the annual nationwide Jane Austen meeting is being held in New York, though we're not actually attending that this year; my mom submitted a proposal, but didn't make the cut. Instead they're just going to the Fanny Burney meeting, since that takes place alongside. Mom and I hope to go to the Montreal convention in two years instead.
Rainy days where this morning waiting for the bus, one minute the rain was letting up to the point I was considering closing the umbrella, the next it was pounding down so thick my stockings got soaked. Apparently going to get warm again, though. The big synagogue on the bus route has a big Sukkot house built on its front lawn, with a banner of an elephant hanging in the front, and I have spent the bus rides wondering what that banner's there for.
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Power out all day yesterday. Spent the day reading essays about Sense and Sensibility from last year's JASNA convention, rereading Patrick O'Brian(except the one book I wanted to reread from most, The Ionian Mission, was the one book out of the twenty I couldn't find!), trying to draw my two main characters from my own Austen creation but it didn't go very well(nothing's going well with that series at all. I'd abandon it if I haven't put too much in it already), and in the evening we went out for pizza(and air conditioning). Power finally came back at ten and today I am trying to find out what I missed yesterday. Tonight's newscast is more or less back on schedule, but I suspect it won't be a long one. Am still irritated from the piece published in the Examiner Friday night, was not sorry to not have to think about that at all yesterday.
There seems to be a Wimbledon watchalong happening on my Twitter, but I don't want to ruin my memories from the days of my Paul Bettany obsession. I've got the Tour de France on instead; glad Fabian's in yellow; I've come to realize now I'll love him no matter what. Hope to find a Canadian TV stream this afternoon; I enjoyed watched that too much last year.


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