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We actually had a little snow the day before Christmas, and a bit more this morning. But mostly it was rain both days. It hindered my family's tradition Christmas Eve walk in Old Town and going to the museum today, but hearing about what other people have gone through at the hands of the weather, I suppose we were lucky. Christmas, on the other hand, was a clear day where the high hit 50, pleasant enough for going out for Les Miserables(review tomorrow, I think) and peking duck, as well as to my sister's house where we opened all our presents. Got The Hunger Games and The Avengers on DVD, and spent last evening and much of today watching various scenes and features. So far, the former rewards rewatching a lot more than the latter, especially since I've now read the book, but I enjoyed revisiting both, plus I'm working on an Avengers fic right now, so it was really useful to be able to look at a couple of scenes related to it. The best part on the rewatch might have been Tony; his snark remains funny, and I've developed another level of appreciation of Downey, jr.'s ability to deliver us this character.


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