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I have spent the week working on a figure-skating blog post for my sister's new blog on Fansided. She wanted it yesterday, and I delivered it, but I'm not sure when it's actually going up, or when the blog is for that matter. Between that and watching the Olympics, though I finished the latest part of "Their Duties to the Queen" last weekend, I didn't get around to posting it until I'd finish the next part of "All the Extras" too!

Title: All The Extras
Part: 6: The Prodigal Witch
(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry, Ron/Hermione, the Grangers
Disclaimer: Like Rowling less than I used to, but she still owns it all.
Note: In fact, if there is anything on Pottermore or in Cursed Child that contradicts this, well, my give a damn's busted.

It took them about a week after they arrived in Australia to track Hermione’s parents to Brisbane, where just after lunch they found themselves walking to the front door of a comfortable house in a northern suburb called Wavell Heights.

Title: Their Duties to the Queen
Part: 12: Parting Ways
(Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: The handmaidens
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: Some shooting
Notes: I am relying on a single EU/Legends source which claims that as Queen Padmé had 13 handmaidens, and the five we saw in TPM were merely the ones with her at all times.

When Yané departed Piyoeré with Pamé Vollenna roughly twenty minutes later, their speeder was dragging behind it a sledger currently folded up into a long rectangular capsule, with a jury-rigged anti-grav on the bottom allowing it to float behind them and without using up any of its own energy, a last minute extra idea of Schrulek’s.">
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Yet another one. Istanbul this time. What can most of us even do at this point?
As if this past week hasn't been bad enough. I was glum over the prospects for Great Britain the entire weekend, especially when I heard about how the vote has released all the racism over there. If Scotland leaves now, noone with sense will blame them, but they'll hand political control of Britain over to the likes of Boris Johnson. But then again, hell apparently seize it anyway. I've read things about how this does not mean Trump will win over here(and apparently even Johnson wants nothing to do with him!), but this sort of thing is enough tor really unnerve you, especially when apparently House Republicans finally did insist on declaring Hillary at fault in Benghazi by scraping together whatever they could. Obviously their report is an exercise in finding the conclusion they wanted to find, but who'll realize that?
Rebinding project might actually be coming together; I'm getting paperwork submitted and I may or may not now have all the books gathered; it'll probably depend on whether anyone wants anything changed tomorrow. Added some history books today, but a lot of those are cheaper to simply replace. Been watching Olympic trials in the evening; I considered not watching the games this year but I think I'm giving in there. If there's not news out of Brazil even worse than what's happened already this year.
Also went back to Pottermore, deleted my account and rejoined, and this time got myself back into Ravenclaw with a version of the Sorting quiz where I didn't even have to strategize too much to get the right result. I like her latest writings, but reading what I have about Cursed Child alarms me a bit...
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Just watched Elden Henson's recent half-hour panel, and wow, is this guy entertaining. It was kind of strange, since he was pretty bland in the promotional materials and such for the first season, but then, he did have the personal issues at the time. It is an interesting contrast, to hear he still hasn't read the comics, in contrast to Charlie getting devoted to them and Jon carefully reading his way through all the Punisher-related ones fans told him was important, but to each their own.
Also took a gander as Draco & Scorpius Malfoy this morning. Rowling's comment about Scorpius and the girls is amusing, especially since it's impossible right now to tell whether or not she's trolling us, but one can't deny his father's looking handsome in his ponytail-growing adult years.
But meanwhile, it seems it's time for certain people to start slamming fandom again, and act as if the people protesting a Rule 63 Ghostbusters and the people protesting a Hydra Captain America are the same people. Ummmm, not really. You don't get to pin the antics of a bunch of spoiled fanboys on my crew, thanks.
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Looking at the promo pictures for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I find that while I certainly have no objection to a black Hermione, it does annoy me that neither she nor Ron have the right hair color; I still don't get why they weren't wigged. On the other hand, I was deeply relieved to learn they're still married. I've had enough fictional breakups this past half year to mourn over!
Rewatching Animaniacs on Netflix, I find there are a few jokes I didn't get when I was young that I get now. On the other hand, there are a number that still go over my head, because they're 90s-style references noone remembers anymore. The show is still very entertaining, but it nonetheless dates itself. It was odd, though, to see the first Rita and Runt cartoon, which was actually not the first one of the characters I saw by a long shot, but still, I'm left very aware about that being my first exposure to Bernadette Peters, though I wouldn't learn it was her until years later. How many children were first introduced to Peters when she was voicing that cat?
Headed to Awesomecon on Sunday. Still no costume to wear, but my sister has had her hair dyed "Targaryan silver."
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A couple of weeks ago, when the Great Pottermore Resorting happened, I, wanting to get a wand that fit my personality more(I'd originally gotten a spruce wand, which was described as being "near disaster" in the hands of someone of my temperament), took the new sorting quiz, trusting that, like the last one, and like most internet sorting quizzes, it would put me in Ravenclaw. Instead it put me in Slytherin. In a manner befitting of my new house, I promptly made another account using my older email address, and this time tried to reclaim my old info, but it turned out to be lost. So I tried to quiz again, trying to alter my answers a bit, and ended up in Slytherin again. I haven't been back to Pottermore since; I think I may ultimately use it without an account.
At first I thought there was something wrong with the quiz. Certainly I don't have the ambitions one would expect of a Slytherin(I did say I wanted to be remembered for my accomplishments, but I meant the ones in the creative line...). But since then I've been wondering: has the determination to make it in the world, to get mine, if I can, turned me into a Slytherin?
Being a young scared autistic woman in our day and age can make you feel desperate, far more than I ought to, probably, and the possibility of Trump being elected and taking everything I've worked so hard to earn away from me doesn't help. Soon the primary will come to Virginia, and I don't know which of Hillary or Saunders I'll vote for. If I had my druthers, I'd see the latter in office, but I'm terrified of what happens if the main election is him versus Trump. Hell, him versus Cruz might be even more dangerous, because Cruz is someone mainstream voters could be scared into voting for is the smears they'll no doubt throw at Saunders stick.
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Date bought the tickets. We see Star Wars Saturday at 3:10. Meanwhile, the reviews are all good, and I still haven't been spoiled for anything yet.
That's more than can be said for Star Trek: Beyond, perhaps. See the possible Enterprise crashing makes me think they're trying to remake The Search for Spock in the style of The Fast and the Furious, and how they are going to do that when they didn't have anyone dead at the end of the last movie I'm not sure. I suspect noone's going to say it better than Wil Wheaton did, though my own reaction had me tweeting a Vine for the first time. I don't feel any need to actually see this if it doesn't turn out to be quite different from what it's looking like right now.
Also saw the Fantastic Beasts teaser, but that didn't really have enough in it for a reaction yet...
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The chicken is in the oven to go on the table at 5 PM; neither mom nor me care much for turkey anyway, and I'll have time to get plenty of sleep before the NHK Trophy starts after midnight. I just finished episode 7 of Jessica Jones, and the end was odd for me... ). Mom and I went for a walk during the heat of the day, when we ended up taking our coats off. The variances in the weather aren't nice for my sinuses, but they aren't causing any me serious issues right now. There are various things I can be thankful for, from general good health to getting promoted, but I find this year I think of one thing above all others.

For me, 2015 has been the year I seriously took the plunge back into fanfic and fandom. I was never fully disconnected, but in recent years I haven’t had much to do with it; I was focused on other things. I was inching in already, thanks to the MCU in general and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but movies don’t come out often enough for me to go full-blown, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn’t the show most suited to it either(at least at first). But then Daredevil landed, and I took the plunge back in. I’ve written more in the past six months than I did during some years, and what I put on the backburner in favor of trying to become a published novelist, I now feel differently about. For better or for worse, I am a fanfic author, that is my identity in life, and I’m learning to embrace it, once and for all. I’ve never been ashamed, but now I’m proud. Let the world scorn me or dismiss me for not being a respectable published woman(though I still might self-publish a book that is essentially Jane Austen fanfic anyway); I don’t give a damn.

And I've discovered, much to my delight, that the world I came to isn't the world I drifted out of half a decade back. )
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Title: Standing on the Stairs
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Ron/Hermione
Disclaimer: Rowling is our Queen!
Warning: Some discussion of Tom's abuse of Ginny
Notes: Strange to think I've been working on this fic, on and off, for a decade and a half, from the time I saw the first movie with Ron and Hermione standing at the top of a staircase near the end.

Why don’t we do this every year then? Meet here, at the top of these stairs, and if there’s anything we want sorted with each other, anything we need to get off our chests, anything like that, we handle it here )
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I suppose it says everything about what the last two years have been like for mom that she now describes herself as happier, now that she knows it's unlikely she'll make it to 90. We have read further about dilated aortas, though it took us a while to find a source that was understandable to the average person, and now it's just a waiting game. She has a new friend from France who hopes to go to school here and she can go to the movies with, and she now speaks of not pushing herself too much, though what that will come to I'm not yet sure.
Finished up the next part of "The Far-Flung Agent," which hopefully will get posted Friday. I've been sitting on it multiple days already, but tomorrow I won't be home for it, since I'll be going with my sister and her friend to see some Acro-cats in Shirlington. Nearly down with "Growing Up in the Jedi Temple" too; I did a lot of work on it today and I think I may now be within 500 words of the end. Then I have to decide what I'm going to do about the rest of the series, especially with canon now shifting in the way it is.
Finished up the moments on Pottermore this evening as well. I wish they'd taken longer to have more of them. I like the new timeline of famous wizards, even though they very obviously fudged things to deal with the idea that Merlin attended Hogwarts when the books put it as founded half a millennium after his time!
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Title: An Account of the Lives of the Weyard Sisters, and Fian Ollivander's Three Most Remarkable Descendents by Hermione Granger
Chapter: 4: The Marriages of Cian and Fian
(Author's Note, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: The Weird Sisters(the original, not the rock band)
Disclaimer: Rowling is our Queen!

...the concept of arranged marriages was one they were not familiar with, and though they had been exposed to it at the beginning, still a little shock seems to have resulted when brought face-on with it in a way they hadn’t been when agreeing to the marriage of an unspecified daughter had simply been part of an unusual foster arrangement... )
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When mom and I went to buy groceries yesterday, we discovered that the water bottle she keeps in the car was frozen. I took a pair of pictures and uploaded one of them to Deviantart, although it looks kind of ugly at full size.  Have been staying inside where it's warm since getting back from that trip, although mom intends to brave the cold in an hour to go see Selma, and I'll probably go with her, since it really ought to be seen by everyone, from everything I've heard.
Still no response from the agent.  Of course, she might not work on weekends.  Got a rejection from another one, though.
And in other important news, someone tracked down the music from the Prisoner of Azkaban boggart scene!
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And finally finished the next part of this:

Title: All The Extras
Part: 4: Mourners
(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Andromeda Tonks, Lyall Lupin, Ted Lupin, Mrs. Weasley, Percy
Disclaimer: Rowling is our Queen!
Note: And now I start to incorporate information from Pottermore into the story, although I will probably ignore all the World Cup-related stuff.

The past is gone/ But something might be found to take its place )
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Title: Letters Concerning a St. Mungo's Patient
Part: 2: November
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Marcus Flint/Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet, the Bells, Luna Lovegood, the Flints, Demelza Robins, Cormac McLaggen
Disclaimer: Rowling is Our Queen!
Warning: Language

I know it seems like the wrong time to be angry at her, but the truth is I am. )
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 For the past week I've been working with the non-commercial version of VideoPad, and have now worked enough on a montage that I will finish it with the program if I can.  But VideoPad has a tendency not the save all my work even when I continually command it to, or simply to lose the video clips I add to a project even while keeping their (muted) audio, so I think I'll look for another program before starting my next work.  Now the effects of time come in; this is a skating montage I really need to finish at least before August ends, or it won't have the right effect.  Then again, maybe by the time I'm ready to start vidding Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. the DVD will long be out.
Also currently going through the new set of "moments" up on Pottermore.  It seems they're reducing the number of them, maybe fearing they'll never finish the entire series if they don't?  There does seem to be plenty of extra information, though the actual pieces on owls, the lake, and the pensieve were on the short side, even if it's interesting to hear about the merfolk in her original drafts.  The maze is pretty impressive too, and the Yule Ball was beautifully drawn, but I wish I could've zoomed in on that one.
Burned dinner today when I forgot to turn the heat down before simmering the chicken cutlets.  They still turned out edible except on the bottom, but we ended up eating them separately from the rice, since we discovered the mistake and took them off before putting the latter on
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But something I've come to realize since the story broke that maybe Rowling had changed her mind about who Hermione should've ended up with(although when the quotes are put into context it turns out they aren't quite as strong as first seemed): I'm a Harry/Hermione Friendshipper, maybe even more than a Ron/Hermione shipper.
I'm still the latter, certainly. In fact, the idea that things still weren't easy after the events of the book concluded, but they still had things to work through and growth as people to do, makes me care about it more than I would've otherwise; I'm more interested when it's not easy. But the days when their relationship was my main focus as a fan are long gone now. These days when I reread the books or work on All The Extras, I find my favorite thing is the friendship between all three characters(as perhaps evidence by the final scene in part three of that fic, I suppose, with the platonic sharing of a bed). I loved the dancing scene in Deathly Hallows specifically for that reason; I loved the idea that two people in love with others could still have that kind of bond.
So Rowling's interview still makes me a little sad, that she doesn't seem to see the particular value of that, although again, putting the quotes in context make them not as bad as they initially seemed out of it. To me, Harry and Hermione didn't waste any potential of their relationship with each other out of it failing to be anything other than what it was.


Oct. 4th, 2013 07:21 pm
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Contrary to my expectations throughout the week, when Monday my agency was excepted from furlough, it meant noone in it was to be furloughed at all, and ultimately I too have been excepted and spent this week working for uncertainly timed pay. It was a long week. We had an office-wide pizza lunch today, reviving a practice that had been abandoned early this year in an attempt to cheer ourselves up, but we're all mad, even when who we're mad at varies more. I still did find time to finish this last night, but it took me longer to get around to posting this(and when I still haven't uploaded the last chapter of the Weyard sisters to AO3 yet...)

Title: All The Extras
Part: 3: In a Wake
(Part 1, Part 2)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Harry, Ron/Hermione, Ginny, Lisa Turpin, Neville, Charlie, the Diggorys, the Weasleys
Disclaimer: Rowling is our Queen!
Note: The quote on Mrs. Lovegood's stone is from James Joyce's The Dead.

He sat there trying to recapture that feeling, from when he had been happy. )
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And now it's looking like we are going to get shut down after all, except my office is applying for an exemption, which still wouldn't apply to me; I'd need to justify a separate one with the WHS, a job which I'm thinking is going to require a lawyer. But either way I would still be home until the 10th(unless of course the shutdown ends before then), looking for new employment opportunities and hopefully being able to write a little more. But even now, I managed to finish this today:

Title: An Account of the Lives of the Weyard Sisters, and Fian Ollivander's Three Most Remarkable Descendents by Hermione Granger
Chapter: 3: The Meeting With the Muggle King of Moray, and Its Initial Consequences
(Author's Note, Chapter 1, Chapter 2)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: The Weird Sisters(the original, not the rock band), Macbeth, & Banquo(sort of)
Disclaimer: Rowling is our Queen!

The day they made their journey to the northern part of the Glen, Nian described the weather as 'foule one moment and faire the next, it was early Aprile and we did agree before that we did not feare to get wette, though as it did happen, we did not face more than the lightest of rains.' )
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Title: New York State Wizarding School
Part: 4: Dumbledore's Army, North American Auxilary
(1, 2, 3)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Hannah Abbott & a bunch of OC New York State witches and wizards
Disclaimer: Rowling is our Queen!

It took another week to get everything together )
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I've finished the first part of this. I am terribly embarrassed.

Title: Young Wizards of 1800 and 1801
Part: 1: Miss Elizabeth Bennett
Fandom: Harry Potter/Jane Austen/Patrick O'Brian(and there may be others later)
Characters: Elizabeth Bennett, Jack Aubrey, the Thorpes, Sir Thomas Betram, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Mrs. Bennett, Jane Bennett, Mr. Bennett
Disclaimer: The universe is owned by Rowling. Jack belongs to the O'Brian estate. The other characters are all out of copyright.
Warning: Shameless crossover mashup. Also, a wall blowing up
Notes: It started with my mentally Sorting the Austen heroines, and just sort of snowballed from there.

For the most part, ever since its founding, Diagon Alley has cared little what age it happens to be. )


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