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Have an ice dance montage. Password is "icedance"

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Did three recordings of my latest song today, but wasn't fully satisfied with any of them. At this point, I'm just trying to get the best recording I can before the full advent of pollen season puts my singing voice out of commission for at least a week. Hopefully it won't happen before next weekend.
Did my first weekly roundup of skating news for my sister's blog before the new Grand Prix schedule showed up. Guess that'll have to be in next week's. A little nervous that we already have a two programs to La La Land when it's technically not even the off-season yet. I was hoping Ashley's using that music would deter enough people that we wouldn't get entirely saturated. So far noone's music news has been terribly exciting, though if Jason Brown does skate to Hamilton, that would be. Also tried to watched Synchronized Skating Worlds, but I found it hard to stay awake, Friday night especially.
Four episodes of Iron Fist down, nine to go. Although I had to look up what happened at the end for "Habeas for Superheroes." At least this one had a mention of Karen in it, which made me grin. And of course the next one has Claire. Hell, the last ten minutes or so of tonight's episode were actually pretty good.
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It's now been a week since I was watching the Worlds pairs free, taking notes to recap it for Culturess, when I got the news that my sister and the blog she'd made for Fansided had parted ways. One minute, I was looking at a good if low-paying side career as a professional figure skating blogger, the next I had to look at myself and ask myself if I really wanted it enough to stay. By the end of the week I had decided no. I remained with Culturess until I'd submitted a final quartet of individual event recaps, and then I bailed.
Not that I've even stopped blogging. My sister went back to her old personal blog, and another reason I left was she now needs help keeping the posts coming while she also does freelance blogging work to make some money. Monday night I was recapping Dancing with the Stars as usual. Yesterday there was Plushenko and Sotnikova to write about. At the end of the week I may do a music announcement roundup. Except I'm getting a lot less hits on it, but my sister says she can change that, because now she knows how one gets hits, the way she didn't before working for Fansided.
I'll probably be writing fewer posts. Which I don't mind. It was getting a bit time-consuming by the end.
Meanwhile, mom and I also made plans to go see next year's Worlds in person after she learned it was in Milan. My sister was supposed to come with us, but now she may not be able to afford it. The trip to France we were planning probably isn't going to happen now; I think I may go to New York and the U.S. Open again instead.
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My days are getting barraged by the dire truth, and seeking refuge when I can bear it no longer. Although so far things at the library continue to be dull, except when we have complications with invoices. Watching the performances from the pairs free at the European Championships tonight helped. That's definitely they best performance Aliona Savchenko has ever done with Bruno Massot. I'm not absolutely certain it's not the best performance she's done with anyone ever. The short dance helped too. Even when they're not at their best, Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron sure are something. I may have again made indecent noises while watching them. It's been a busy pair of weeks, as I also track the Australian Open to do a top ten list, like I did for the US Open last year. At least the stories have made themselves obvious. Mostly. It'll get ridiculously easy if Rafa Nadal wins tonight...
Also watching for the announcement for Awesome Ladies. I think I might do it this year. I've been getting increasingly irritated by the lack of Karen Page podfic, and I've already located a good short fic with a blanket permission.
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Not sure how many montages from Sochi I'll do, especially when we might have the ladies winner stripped of her medal! But if there's no reason to think Ilinykh & Katsalapov in particular won't keep theirs, here's the ice dance montage. Password is "marlie"

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Our kitchen is done! Apparently the guys doing the renovation left the house five minutes before I arrived home today. We have our new floor and and wall tiles and paint, the counters are all usable, the cabinets are in place and even have lamps on the bottom, and tonight we cleared off the dining table and cooked ourselves cutlets in pomi with onions and rice, the sort of meal we haven't had since this began. Except they forgot to put the pot hooks back on our upper shelf, so she had to call them about that, but still. We have a fully functional kitchen again.
Writing my Skate America recap over the weekend, I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to manage this later in the season. It took practically all my free hours. How am I going to manage things when Russian and Japanese Nationals are happening at once, to say nothing of January? Of course part of it was I had less free hours, thanks both to going out to eat and attending the big Jane Austen conference. But this weekend I also have a Halloween party to go to Saturday night. Still, perhaps this will be easy once the series moves east, and thus events start ending earlier on Saturday. Unless, like Skate America, they end on Sunday instead.
But I should be getting more sleep. Yesterday morning they were screening everyone coming into the Pentagon, and the guy who wanded me told me I looked tired. I hadn't even felt tired before then, but when he brought it up I did. Maybe I am working too hard.
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I'm fed up with all of it. I am fed up with living in fear of my country being about to elect a fascist who'll destroy it. I'm fed up with watching the media help him out. I'm fed up with everyone killing everyone, to the point that I can't even keep track anymore. I'm fed up with feeling helpless.
Except I still do.
I spent much of the weekend blogging about the JGP event and the Nebelhorn Trophy, since I felt I had to cover the latter. Especially since I'm going to have to cover next week's Autumn Classic, what with Virtue & Moir starting their comeback there. Along with a four-discipline JGP event, and the Japan Open. At least that has a limited number of skaters. Sorry, Ondrej Nepala Memorial; you probably won't even be watched at all. Unless something truly crazy happens there.
I should also write an article about Sui & Han. Tonight, I suppose. I hope no other news broke since I last checked the message boards...
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Yesterday I took a trip in DC to figure out the logistics of a final sequence of Agent Murdock that takes place in Georgetown before our main duo heads north, but cut my time short there to hurry home and write an article about Patrick Chan's current coaching situation. This evening I similarly stayed out a little after work to buy myself some new tights, but spent most of the evening watching the performances from today's Junior Grand Prix event in France and taking notes. Really loved Kevin Aymoz, who may be the next great French men's skater, though today was not his day. I'm trying to think of stupid decisions made by Dancing with the Stars over the years; if they take Ryan Lochte now, I want to write a top ten list. The life of a professional blogger.
Meanwhile, at work, the first batch of books is finally off to the bindery, and now I'm waiting for an email telling me how much rebinding them will actually cost, and when they will be delivered back, and therefore the next batch should be ready for pickup. We had quite a time trying to get their driver to the right set of doors Tuesday; ultimately our director actually walked out into the Pentagon's driving/parking areas to lead him and his truck to them. At least he knows where it is now. She wants the next batch to focus on our World War I material, to have that done in time for use next year, when the anniversary of the U.S.'s entrance into the war hits. Although a lot of the material I've been gathering was published right after the war and is now out of copyright, we means we could digitize it instead.
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This weekend I've mostly spent watching tennis, happy to have some of it to watch today and eagerly anticipating a 4th of July that allows me to be at home for the Super Monday at Wimbledon. I've associated the holiday with Wimbledon already, but will even more so now that it happens before the amount of matches happening thin out to final rounds. Yesterday Sam Querry's win over Djokovic, despite multiple rain delays, was a huge thrill that had me singing and tweeting about the world turned upside down, and today Tsonga & Isner's five-setter was another quality watch. Watching Coco V win today was fun too.
I did have to take a break from it yesterday, though, to go with my mom to the Folger and see Aaron Posner's District Merchants which adapts the story of The Merchant of Venice to 1870s DC. It turns Antonio into Antoine, a freeborn black making money off Reconstruction, Bassiano in Benjamin Bassiano, the son of a slave and her master pale enough to pass who has a huge emotional conflict over his decision to marry Portia with her initially thinking him white, Portia herself into a regular crossdresser who rails that she has to dress as a boy to study law and certainly shows herself to be a brilliant lawyer in the trial scene, but struggles with her own racism, Nessa and Lancelot into black servants who have their own views of their employers, Shylock into a sympathetic figure driven to be how he is by how the world has treated him, but a tyrannical father, Jessica into a proud Jewish woman who nonetheless runs off with a gentile out of sheer desperation to escape him, and Lorenzo into a louse unaware of his white male privilege, who does nonetheless care for Jessica, and ultimately it's him who converts rather than her! It was the kind of play that is determined to make you think about everything, hitting hard on issues that still affect us today, with maybe a few too many speeches, but it successfully redeemed the original story, and worked especially well with a DC audience. It's just ended its premiere run, and I hope it gets put on again.
Heartbroken over Joshua Farris' retirement, which has put a dampener on my excitement over the Grand Prix. Was it only a year ago he and Jason Brown were supposed to be the next great two and the next rivalry? Jason's commemoration on Instragram was both heartbreaking and heartwarming.
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Grand Prix entries out, and I see the USFSA is really hoping for Gracie and Ashley to have a showdown on home ice and for the other high-profile skaters invited to blow it and not threaten their finale chances, Canada is favoring Virtue & Moir over Weaver & Pojé, Russia's going to be *very* interesting indeed considering which three home ladies they chose to for an obvious sweep attempt that may or may not come off, if Adelina Sotnikova really isn't retiring she still needs a plan if she wants any hope of making it back to the Olympics, Ashley may have lucked out in her second event but I wouldn't be surprised if Gracie took an easy silver at hers(and that's if Medvedeva avoids the sophomore slump her predecessors have all suffered from), and the climax to the series in ice dance is being reserved for the final event, which has not only Virtue & Moir versus Papadakis & Cizeron but arguably one of the strongest fields of the series!
Meanwhile, have taken to watching Olympic trials in the evenings, which I guess means I'll be watching the games themselves too, though earlier this year I was seriously considering skipping them.
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Been getting excited see tweets about people heading towards Boston; the skating world is converging on the city, and tomorrow I will join them. My bag is mostly packed, my train ticket is printed, my event tickets are sitting comfortably in my purse, and tomorrow I'll pretty much breakfast, shower, pack my brushes and electronics, and go. I have half an hour left of Daredevil to watch on the train, and I'm bringing two notebooks with me, one unused; plenty of room to write as much as I want. I've written half of a Daredevilkink meme fill, and even posted it to the meme; the other half happens after most of the events of the season so it'll be written when I'm done watching.
I just hope the results don't break my heart. Way too many things have been doing that lately...

New Montage

Feb. 8th, 2016 10:03 pm
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Going back to the 90s with this one. Password is "pasha"

Snowed In

Jan. 24th, 2016 10:35 am
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After a week of anticipation and my mother's rants about people getting overexcited and how if the government behaved responsibly this blizzard would not be able to shut the DC area down, I finally left the Pentagon around lunchtime, just before the federal government closed, went to Pentagon City to run a couple last minute errands(my phone's Twitter app picked a terrible time to malfunction), and finally walked home from King Street just as the snow was starting to fall. When I left the metro station the snow wasn't sticking yet, but by the time I got in the ground was pretty much covered. About twenty-four hours later mom and I stepped outside to see if the walk was shovelable, and found the snow high enough to make even getting past the doorstep a dicey prospect for two women with pretty limited physical strength. Thankfully there were a pair of guys going around the neighborhood offering to shovel people's walks for money. Now the blizzard is passed, but large amounts of snow remain, and I await announcements from the metro, Alexandria's DASH bus service, and the government itself to learn whether I'll be going into work tomorrow; I can't until all three are back online. Serve the negligent government right.
It's been a pretty pleasant weekend, all in all, especially with Nationals to watch; I was actually grateful for the storm allowing me to be home at 3:30 for the short dance, which I would have otherwise missed. I am over the moon about the Shibutanis winning their title, impressed enough with Tarah Kayne & Danny O'Shea to be pleased with their win as well, and, after Thursday night, too relieved that Ashley made Worlds to mind her coming in third. Besides, making if she gets there still mad, she'll pull her short off for once...
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And now it officially gets cold. This morning when I went to put the empty orange juice bottle in the recycling bin, I discovered a little water accumulation from yesterday had frozen the lid! Thin enough it broke easily, but still. Saturday mom and I went out to see the Met's broadcast of Les Plecheurs de Perles(interesting opera, and one about a Sri Lanka village threatened by floods is perhaps more relevant in the age of climate change than it was when it was first written), and yesterday we had to get groceries, but on the holiday I am able to stay in all day. So naturally U.S. Nationals today doesn't start until 2. Watched a bit of Canadian Nationals instead. I've starting to get much better at telling the difference between well and badly done pattern dances, at least on the lower levels. Also watching the Australian Open yesterday evening and this morning. Although it's difficult to watch an event when you've just read extensive allegations of match fixing and you're left to wonder which of the players you're watching are the ones suspected.
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Christmas went pretty well. We went for Chinese food in the middle of the day and ran into a friend of mom's in the restaurant so ate with her, then came home and watched John Huston's The Dead on DVD. I last saw it four years ago, so it was nice to see it again, but being unable to skip through the previews before the main menu was annoying. In the evening I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special, which was much better than last year's.
I didn't watch much of Russian or Japanese Nationals yesterday, due to both the streams I knew about having sound issues, but today despite ESPN3's feed still having the audio and video a second out of sync with each other I watched the second half of the pairs and the entirety of the ladies free. Not sure how I feel about the trio that ultimately triumphed, though if Anna Pogorilaya doesn't deliver at Europeans I could see them putting the third Worlds berth up for grabs at the Russian Cup final anyway. Also suspicious about the dance results, and regretful they still won't allow me to see Stepanova & Bukin in Boston.
Also went to the National Gallery to see their current exhibit on Hellenistic bronze sculpture. Some of the sculptures they had there were pretty impressive; I especially liked one of a young Eros asleep. We also wandered through the regular collection a little; they seem to have increased their American paintings lately.
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Wasn't planning to see the Star Wars movie during opening weekend; it seemed to be too much trouble and it was one I could wait an extra week to see. But now it looks like I'm going to have it as a second date movie; currently waiting for final confirmation to book my tickets. If it's as good as this week's episode of Star Wars: Rebels was, then I shall be very happy(I haven't always been impressed with the writing this season, though I have appreciated all the Hera & Sabine we've gotten).
Though really, this week, I'm coming down from an autumn of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Since Tuesday night, I have had a huge hankering for angsty, schmoopy Fitzsimmons comfort smut. Noone's written it so far; I may have to write it myself. But I'm already completely revamping the Fitzsimmons-get-rescued-by-the-Guardians-of-the-Galaxy thing I've been working on since before "4,722" Hours aired. I might incorporate it into that...
And now it is the Grand Prix Finale, and I am too crabby about Ashley's fate today to go watching all the performances I missed while at work, although I did watch Hanyu's short(also Marin Honda's) yesterday evening. I'm sure I'll watch Stolbova & Klimov's world record free at some point too.
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Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Pojé. Password is "weaver"

It worked!

Jun. 28th, 2015 05:34 pm
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Montage completed and saved, though I couldn't figure out where to begin when it came to adding effects, and didn't even try for the transitions. I've now purchased the software, and will try to figure out how to use it better.

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Strange feelings reading my Twitter timeline after last night's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finale. After spending most the season on the fence, but sympathizing with Grant Ward's supports, I finally got fed up with him last week, and now I am finally beyond wanting him redeemed. But they are not. They are now screaming at the writers for ruining his character, flooding my timeline with it on occasion. They cry about how his character was ruined, ignoring all the warning signs in his behavior the writers always had in from the time his affiliation with Hydra was first revealed. I haven't unfollowed anyone over it, but it may come to that. And yet I can't blame them entirely. There is no way that swipe at #StandWithWard the writers threw in was called for, and it certainly is heartbreaking, to have to give up on a character you've cared about like this.
More put out by the stinger, really. It's going to be a very, very long summer.
At least I'll have plenty of writing to do. I will write at least one follow up to "When the Righteous Give Way," and I'm actually nearly done with a fic where I try to improve on Natasha's Age of Ultron characterization.
Meanwhile, in real life, if I ever do move, I might go somewhere on a direct bus route to the Pentagon, so I don't have to take the train anymore. This increase of incidents lately is getting alarming. Troubles continued today, when huge delays in trains meant I missed the bus from King Street. At least it was a very nice day for walking home.
Skating news also starting to come in. Oddly content with Jeremy Abbott's declaration of whether or not he will come back; it's a practical enough approach for him to take, all things considered. Grieved by the loss of Samantha Cesario, though. There weren't many incoming skaters like her. Also looking forward to seeing the ShibSibs do Fix You, though they still need a new coach.
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 After spending last Sunday morning trying to record Comes and Goes and failing to get even halfway through it without messing up more than once, I decided I was going to need more time.  I still haven't played it through clean yet, but it's getting more and more automatic and I am cautiously optimistic about next weekend.
This weekend, instead, I watched Worlds and went to see The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with mom.  The movie was sweet and fun, much like the last one, with Judi Dench and Maggie Smith highlighting it with their fine work.  A little worried they may try to push things for a third though.  Worlds had Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford winning, which was great, but there were a couple of reasons to be heartbroken too.  I fear that might have been Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Pojé's last chance to win a World title, what with the way Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron proved so authoritative in their takeover-it seems likely they'll win all the things until at least the next Olympics.  Though at least Madison Chock & Evan Bates, though rewarded for their classless decision to use the music he'd once planned to use with Emily with a world medal, at least didn't win either.  Mom and I watched the first part of the NBC broadcast while eating Chinese food after coming home from the movie, and she approved of the placements, and enjoyed Gracie Gold, who she's loved since we saw her in Boston last year, but admitted she wasn't at her most impressive performancewise.
Also started editing a new montage tonight!  I have managed to download and install the old Movie Maker, and am trying to get it to behave by converting all the videos I use to wmv.  Although it was the media player that was acting up instead today, refusing to remove files I'd deleted from the library; I finally had to delete the library files from the computer and have the library build itself afresh.


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