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Sinus attack is now passing; my head, which was not in good shape yesterday, feels almost normal, and my throat is only slightly sore. I even tried to run through Snow Patrol's "Run," which is going to be the next song I record, then went crazy trying to figure out how to play the instrumental interlude at the end. I think I may give that one a few more days; my voice isn't returned to normal yet.
Enjoyed Eurovision, but rather disappointed in how the voting panned out. Even if the Swedish song genuinely was the best song of the night, watching the win be contested between the Russian and the homophobe was rather demoralizing. At least the homophobic man rather than the homophobic country winning will effect next year's contest a good deal less. Plus the French song deserved a far better fate.
Going to be weird over the next two days, with nothing more to watch besides the NHL playoffs. And if the Cup Final ends up being Lightning vs. Blackhawks, my interest may decline; the Blackhawks have won enough recently and I don't care for the Lightning at all. I'm there if the Ducks make it, though, if only for Bruce. Meanwhile, I'll probably finish my follow-up to "When the Righteous Give Way" tomorrow; it's close to done.
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I made a Keep Calm and Carry On imitation. It was fun. It involved learning how to download and install a font too(someone actually managed to create the font used in the original poster for computers), which is a surprisingly easy process. I'm tempted to make another one now that says "Keep Calm and Don't Touch Lola." Maybe after next week, if I'm still in the mood to do such things.
Have also been reading my way through ten comics I pretty much selected at random out of 10 for 3$ bins last weekend, when my local place was offering them as part of Free Comic Book Day, although I kept to titles I was more familiar with and skipped over those whose condition were clearly going. So far I've read through 4 of them, of which the X-Men Evolution-based one-shot(Vol 1, No. 5) was probably the best, but one of them turned out to be a guide to all things Hulk, and it's taking me some time to get through that(I really like the character of the She-Hulk, though. I need to buy something that features her).
Today, however, was watching Eurovision, and the music quality actually seemed higher on average than it is most years. I wasn't too impressed with the song that won, but I understand why it won, and don't think it a horrible crime that it won the way at least one person on my Twitter feed did. My personal favorite was Spain's song, which I'll probably use for an Olympic ice dance montage someday, though it doesn't quite fit for the 2014 competition. 2018, maybe.


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