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Today we celebrated Shakespeare's anniversary by going to the Folder to watch the Reduced Shakespeare Company perform William Shakespeare's Long Lost First Play(Abridged). En route, I refreshed Twitter like mad waiting for the announcement of the new Doctor Who companion, though when I told my mom what play Pearl Mackie is currently performing in, she actually recognized it, though she spoke disparagingly of the book it's based on as offensive to autistic people(of course, the play might be better about that). William Shakespeare's Long-Lost First Play(Abridged) was a laugh-a-minute affair that mixed characters, speeches, Disney, other modern references, and anything else that might amuse in a madcap piece where incoherency was just part of the humour; the tempest just before intermission was so funny I was still shaking with laughter five minutes after it ended. On the way home I showed mom Patrick Stewart's B Soliloquy from Sesame Street.
We shall be wandering further afield than any of that before the year's over, though. My mother will be presenting a paper at Chawton in October, so we'll be flying there, and spending a few days in London as well. We've booked cheaper hotels than the ones we stayed in last fall, and plan to book tickets to events in advance as well, which will make things less stressful. I may also buy some new warm tops; October's a cold time to be going.
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Trip to the museum didn't happen; sister not up to it after dealing with her niecelings yesterday. So instead spent the morning watching Russian Nationals, at least when I could get either espn's weird premium cable-requiring streaming to work or get a Russian TV stream working. Generally disappointed by the men's results, more pleased by the dance, and waiting to see what happens in the ladies, though at this point it would take quite a turn of events(or an injury relapse) for that Europeans(and probably Worlds) team to not be Liza T, Elena R, & Adelina S. Julia L simply hasn't earned it, and Anna P doesn't have the clout to not be bumped off.
Did mostly watch the Doctor Who Christmas special last night, though dozed during the first half hour. Actually found it scary, simply because I often have throbbing in the side of my head(and did last night) due to my sinuses, which was annoying, since it didn't really make much sense. The Doctor Puppet special was better.
Mom and I now have plans to go to the museum by ourselves tomorrow, but I don't know.
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Friday as well as today declared a federal holiday. Thanks, Barack!
No presents this year, though; nobody in my family felt like going to the trouble. Instead just Into the Woods and Chinese food. Tomorrow a museum run with the sister and the brother-in-law, who is crazy enough to think we should try to find parking in the city on a federal holiday instead of taking the metro like sensible DCers. In the meantime, I wanted to watch Russian Nationals, but Russian TV decided to show biathlon today instead, so instead we're relying on reports from someone in the arena on Goldenskate. So I gave in and downloaded Spotify on the new computer to listen to the Christmas Revels, and watched various Christmas and non-Christmas episodes of the Doctor Puppet series I just discovered the existence of. Looking forward to also spending Christmas night with Doctor Who for the first time.
Mom talks about us possibly going out and doing charity next year. Which makes me think about how this will probably be the last Christmas I live in this house, though who knows; I'm still waiting for the realtor to contact me!


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