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Finished watching Defenders yesterday morning, and have since been catching up on everything everyone's written since. Adds an extra emotional omph to the experience of watching the thing, really. Although then while I was eating dinner and listening to the song shuffle on my iPad, "It's Quiet Uptown" came up, and I was suddenly fighting back tears. There's already one response fic I'm pretty sure I'm going to write that's going to get its title from there. Might write it tomorrow.
Or I might write it during the upcoming holiday in New York. I'm taking a handful of days to go up there, spend a day at the US Open, hopefully see a Broadway show, and just get away. The timing's unfortunate in a couple of ways, especially because I won't get the chance to blog about the new Dancing with the Stars cast, though if it has any Trump cast-offs I won't mind too much. Hopefully they'll at least have the basic sense not to invite any undisputed Nazis like Bannon.
Then again, that whole scene's just getting more and more painful. He pardons the evil sheriff today. He'll probably pardon the guy in Charlottesville if he's convicted too.
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We got our first batch of rebound books back Monday. The colors were all paler than they looked on the website, the books were not handled the best during transport and there were places where the binding wasn't as good as we would've liked, but these books are all fully serviceable again. Now my main worry is getting them all processed back in and reshelved, then turning around and having the third batch ready before I head off to Europe. Second batch should be returned and the third batch picked up the day before I come back! We may end up making much of the new batch out of a multi-volume set; those are a lot faster to process.
I just found out from a tweet that the EMH Mark 2 from Star Trek: Voyager was played by Andy Dick. I'd seen him on Dancing with the Stars a few years back and had had no idea. Well, I now know he's a pretty good comic actor. The strength of that episode really was him and Picardo, both apart and together.
Meanwhile, there's been Agents of SHIELD, and I really like where they're taking the characters so far(especially Jemma). But I have no idea if I'm going to like where they're taking the plot of this first season half. Although last night, my reaction to the episode was limited, because I was busy trying to finish my recap of the Dancing with the Stars results show! Was planning to blog for the fifth day in a row tonight, even, combing the Volosozhar/Trankov baby news with recent news about Sotnikova, then another report threw the latter news in doubt, so I will be working on that tomorrow as well. Along with catching up with videos from Slovenia.
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Watching the results episode pre-show this evening, I was actually taken back to my first taste of Dacning With the Stars, a year before I started watching regularly, when Joey's Jedi tango got linked to on YouTube while I was in the thick of Star Wars fandom. It was fun to see it again with more knowledge of the context. Spoilers for the results from five minutes ago... )
Went to a Jane Austen meeting Sunday where mom and I had a bit of a stressful time trying to make sure we went to the right mall in Tyson's Corner, found we'd been to the restaurant before, but not to the back room, where we were packed in so tight noone sitting the middle of a table could get out, and then enjoyed good food and a lecture on obituaries of the era and how dead people are remembered in Austen's work. The speaker on the first, who runs a British magazine on Austen, was entertaining, but told us more about Princess Charlotte than Jane Austen; I felt my parents had better analysis of his subject around the dinner table that evening. The second speaker, who sells Jane Austen-themed books, made it more about the novels, of course, and she was smart, if a little sentimental on occasion. Tommorrow my parents go to where the annual nationwide Jane Austen meeting is being held in New York, though we're not actually attending that this year; my mom submitted a proposal, but didn't make the cut. Instead they're just going to the Fanny Burney meeting, since that takes place alongside. Mom and I hope to go to the Montreal convention in two years instead.
Rainy days where this morning waiting for the bus, one minute the rain was letting up to the point I was considering closing the umbrella, the next it was pounding down so thick my stockings got soaked. Apparently going to get warm again, though. The big synagogue on the bus route has a big Sukkot house built on its front lawn, with a banner of an elephant hanging in the front, and I have spent the bus rides wondering what that banner's there for.
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Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts.

I sometimes think it would be nice if we could drop the “dancing with celebrities” format for a season, the way they’ve done with Ice Age in Russia, and just have a whole season’s worth of pros dancing, maybe round robining partners the way they’ve been doing on Ice Age.


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