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Enough to be annoying tomorrow, but probably not enough to get us any time off. I'm starting to think an time spring wants to show would be fine with me. Though at least it wasn't as cold out today. On the other hand, there was a water main break not far from my house, and, more vitally, on my bus route. Monday afternoon the buses weren't going to my stop, and I had to walk home in the cold. Thankfully the next morning they had figured out how to around, and the road was reopened by the afternoon. Also, while initially my hand rash and roughness were getting smoothed by cortisone, the condition isn't actually going away, and there were points yesterday when it started getting bad again.
Agent Carter really got to me last night. So much heartbreak in that show even when the good guys more or less won. It's equally heartbreaking if the ratings cost it a second season. Also Star Wars: Rebels Monday night, and that's making us wait another week in suspense too. After all that, I'm not sure I'm ready for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to be back and start putting us back through the wringer again.


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