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Apr. 16th, 2017 07:44 pm
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Went with an easier one this time, and spent two weekends doing various recordings. This one from last night was more or less the best.

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Title: Any Way You Frame It
Fandom: Agents of SHIELD
Characters: Jemma/Fitz, Aida
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: References to rape and character deaths
Note: My reaction to the most recent pair of episodes of Agents of SHIELD came out in the form of fic.

She’s sure Aida knows she’s here. She kind of made a show of walking in. )
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According to my mom, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my grandfather wanted them to get in the car and make for Canada, but my grandmother refused. Ever since Trump was elected, I've wondered if it might end with her and I doing that drive. Tonight, it's starting to feel like a real possibility. We're not there yet, and perhaps there won't be anything to prompt us to actually do it before the bomb falls, but I'm I've been thinking about possible points, and how much chance we'd have of getting far away enough from DC when we probably wouldn't be the only ones fleeing.
Meanwhile, I saw both my regular doctor and a foot specialist, and they ordered my blood be tested for signs of imflammation and arthritis. I'm only 32, but getting my foot x-rayed today indicated I might be getting the latter. Although at least I may finally be getting an explanation for the pains that have plagued my arms and hands for years, which I chalked up to issues with anxiety and depression. Even if they can't do anything, to know would still be a relief. Some of the tests will take the weekend, though. On this crazy day, suddenly I wonder if I'll even live to know the results!
At least I got far enough into Iron Fist to enjoy some more Claire. Also get a moment between Danny and Colleen that felt a lot like a gender-flipped take on Far From the Madding Crowd. Who knows whether or not the writer had that in mind. I was even a little disappointed Colleen did not claim Danny's first kiss at the end of it, but ultimately, I can't blame her. The actors have chemistry, but that can't really blunt how Danny is not behaving as he ought.
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Since the beginning of the week I've experienced leg pain and especially foot pain I'm pretty sure is caused by sciatica, meaning it probably wouldn't be of much use to go to the doctor. But this morning it got so bad I made an appointment for tomorrow anyway. It wasn't as bad in the afternoon, and went down further after I was out of my work shoes, but I've simply spent too long being unable to walk without pain to not do something.
Tempted to write fic in response to this latest Agents of SHIELD pod, which would pretty much be processing my feelings about Fitz and how terrible both what he's doing and what's being done to him is. I'm wondering how on Earth the writers can come up with a "satisfying" ending for all this by the end of the season, which we've been assured they've been told to do, because they know they might not get the chance to resolve anything left hanging. Then again, the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if the series got cancelled days before the finale aired, at la Castle last year. Maybe they'll shoehorn in an epilogue scene for this series too?
Stressed myself stupid this week writing my self assessment for my annual performance appraisal, and then couldn't put what I've written into the form! Someone failed to press a button somewhere, or something weird like that, and now I've got to wait for it to be fixed. Then I pulled a nail out, needed to have my right index finger bandaged, and it actually hurts to type right now! Hope it feels better in the morning.
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Did three recordings of my latest song today, but wasn't fully satisfied with any of them. At this point, I'm just trying to get the best recording I can before the full advent of pollen season puts my singing voice out of commission for at least a week. Hopefully it won't happen before next weekend.
Did my first weekly roundup of skating news for my sister's blog before the new Grand Prix schedule showed up. Guess that'll have to be in next week's. A little nervous that we already have a two programs to La La Land when it's technically not even the off-season yet. I was hoping Ashley's using that music would deter enough people that we wouldn't get entirely saturated. So far noone's music news has been terribly exciting, though if Jason Brown does skate to Hamilton, that would be. Also tried to watched Synchronized Skating Worlds, but I found it hard to stay awake, Friday night especially.
Four episodes of Iron Fist down, nine to go. Although I had to look up what happened at the end for "Habeas for Superheroes." At least this one had a mention of Karen in it, which made me grin. And of course the next one has Claire. Hell, the last ten minutes or so of tonight's episode were actually pretty good.
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Title: Habeas for Superheroes
Part: 1: Friday Next Friends
Fandom: Daredevil/Avengers
Characters: Matt/Foggy, Tony Stark, Karen
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: Matt's anger issues
Note: Third installment in my Femme!Foggy series.

Wanda. And Clint, and Sam, and the other guy, the size-changing guy. They need your help. )
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It's now been a week since I was watching the Worlds pairs free, taking notes to recap it for Culturess, when I got the news that my sister and the blog she'd made for Fansided had parted ways. One minute, I was looking at a good if low-paying side career as a professional figure skating blogger, the next I had to look at myself and ask myself if I really wanted it enough to stay. By the end of the week I had decided no. I remained with Culturess until I'd submitted a final quartet of individual event recaps, and then I bailed.
Not that I've even stopped blogging. My sister went back to her old personal blog, and another reason I left was she now needs help keeping the posts coming while she also does freelance blogging work to make some money. Monday night I was recapping Dancing with the Stars as usual. Yesterday there was Plushenko and Sotnikova to write about. At the end of the week I may do a music announcement roundup. Except I'm getting a lot less hits on it, but my sister says she can change that, because now she knows how one gets hits, the way she didn't before working for Fansided.
I'll probably be writing fewer posts. Which I don't mind. It was getting a bit time-consuming by the end.
Meanwhile, mom and I also made plans to go see next year's Worlds in person after she learned it was in Milan. My sister was supposed to come with us, but now she may not be able to afford it. The trip to France we were planning probably isn't going to happen now; I think I may go to New York and the U.S. Open again instead.
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Title: Agent Murdock
Part: 6: Friday Night, Avoid the Lights
Fandom: Daredevil
Characters: Matt/Karen
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: Violence
Note: I originally came up with this idea and put it up on [community profile] daredevilkink as a prompt before the second season, but after watching said season I decided to write it myself just to cheer myself up.

In the end, the easiest way to get into the building was to do it during the day, dressed up in the business casual they’d stashed at the bottom of a suitcase specifically for this kind of purpose, and holding an accordion folder that looked like they contained sensitive and timely documents. )
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I was leading my droid along a dusty Tatooine desert road,

When along came a speeder with a hotshot flying all alone.

"If you're going to Mos Eisley, m’am, with me you can ride."

And so I took my BB1 and then we settled down inside.

He asked me if I'd ever seen a rock so dull and dry.

And I said, "Listen, kid, I've been to every planet in the sky!"

Read more... )
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Even if you don't really care about Duck Tales, you still need to watch the first fifteen seconds of this video. You're welcome.
Watching the bad reviews come in for Iron Fist, and have begun to feel very cross indeed that we have to wait half a year more for everything else because of its existence. We could've been looking forward to finding out next week how Matt's coping or if Luke's going to get out of prison yet, but no, we gotta watch the stupid blonde guy do the kung fu first. There had better be lots of Claire in this series. Maybe I'll just spend the evenings watching tennis instead for a while longer. There's really no need to get through it until Defenders is out, right?
Windows 10 comes to the library next week. I'm actually preparing to do at least part of most of my basic tasks on Wednesday simply so I can make sure they're doable post-upgrade before the upgrade people leave the building. Apparently they recently changed the regular IT staff and went for the cheap option, and it's not working out very well. Fine time to do an upgrade...meanwhile my iPad has gone haywire again. I may or may not try to record my next song this weekend...
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When the DC metro's safe-track schedule was released last year, the main shutdown that caught my attention was the one where there'd be no service at all on part of my route to work for a couple of weeks. But now said route's going to be mostly single-tracking for a month. After two days so far, I am happy to take tomorrow off, and that I'd long decided to take the week of Worlds off too.
Although Monday my woes had more to do with not quite reaching the bus stop in time for the first bus and standing for half an hour in the cold. I've since then discovered there's actually a free shuttle that means I might not have to take the train to work at all if I reach King Street at the right time. I could take it back too, but I suspect that would cost me any chance of catching my usual bus. They're getting a couple of trains in and out of Pentagon station just before five, and yesterday when I got on one I had no problem at all. Then today the one I got on sat at National Airport for twenty minutes!
The shuttle's actually provided by Alexandria DASH; it's one that's there no thanks to the Metro. Yet another reminder that this is a good city.
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Title: Now and at the Hour of Our Death
Author: pocketclocked
Original Fic: Here
Fandom: Daredevil
Characters: Karen/Foggy/Matt
Disclaimer: Universe owned by Marvel & Disney. Original fic by pocketclocked.
Warning: Canon-typical violence
Notes: Recorded for the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology VII. Cover art by BessyBoo

When Karen Page is twelve years old, stupid Bobby Williams sticks gum in her hair and the stupid principal cuts it out with a dull pair of scissors.
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Went into DC this weekend for the first time since the inauguration. We went to the Folder to see As Your Like It as well as meet a friend of my mother's for a light lunch. Aside from the occasional crowd of protesters the city doesn't feel too different yet. Still, I suspect I won't mind if I stay out until out next trip to the Folger or similar. I don't feel welcome there anymore. As You Like It was an okay time, but the production really could've been better.
Watched the Oscars last night until it was 11:30, and the music awards and memorial montage had both just happened. Like everyone else, I wish Lin-Manuel Miranda had won, but I'm sure he'll get it sooner or later. Meanwhile, Debbie and Carrie at the end of the montage had me breaking down for the second year in a row. I'd spent most of the night alternating between being pleased (Boggs/Cottonmouth got an Oscar!), and displeased (Multiple Oscars for the Mel Gibson movie? Really?) Not the mention the whole mess the ceremony itself was. I'm not sorry I missed the climatic fumble. I don't even feel like watching footage of it. I'm more sorry I haven't seen Moonlight, and am not sure when I can find a day to.
Finally watched my DVD of Norwegian Wood tonight. Surprised after it to discover it had included Rinko Kikuchi and also Eriko Hatsune, both of whom I've seen before. Unfortunately, the movie toned the book down a lot, and not even the sexual content (though there was lots of fade to black), but also things like the characterization. Still, I'm glad to have seen it.
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Title: From One Unwelcome Visitor
Fandom: Daredevil
Characters: Foggy/Matt, Elektra, Karen, Stick, & the Avengers
Disclaimer: Their Marvel's.
Warning: Mild sexual content
Notes: Sequel to "Prescription Strength," and definitely has another installment in my girl!Foggy series coming up after it.

One day. That was all she got. )
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Title: All Five
Part: 11: Ruuger's City
(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10)
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Padmé, Mace
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: Some violence
Note: Sequel to "Growing Up in the Jedi Temple."

Clistara had known about a secret tunnel into Ruuger’s City from Alopi, the closest nearby city.  )
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Dealt with multiple nosebleeds this evening, and my head's been throbbing on and off since last night. Arguably since last Friday. This may be a regular thing for me throughout winter, if we continue to have ones of crazily fluctuating temperatures. I don't think my sinuses like the air outside in general. Or at least my ears don't. Both yesterday and today being outside too long made them ache. Went to see The Lego Batman Movie yesterday, which was a very amusing parody of Batman in general, and the walk home did me in far more than it should have. Also, not sure when I'm going to record my next song. I wasn't sure when I was going to record it anyway, but it's one that doesn't give me the best chances to breathe, so I'd rather my passages be clear when I make the recording.
Finished The Crown this evening; I hadn't even realized it was only ten episodes. Very well done, but I'm not sure they really should go changing the actors out now, especially if they're only going forward five years for the next season.
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This will be the first weekend in ages where I won't be spending much of my time watching and blogging about any skating competitions. Of course, that respite's partly because the Russian Cup Final weirdly begins on Monday, and between that, waiting for Russia to then name the World team, and Four Continents, next week's going to be crazy. While I'm trying to fine-tune my podfic for Awesome Ladies. It's actually now not only finished but in a state where I would find it acceptable to post, but I'm trying to get this one as good as possible. Probably going to see Lego Batman on Sunday. We all might just need the laughs by then. Should be excited over the newly dropped Infinity Wars video, I suppose. Maybe I even am, a little, but I don't know.
I actually wrote four articles in as many days for Culturess this week. First did the recap of Russian Junior Nationals I couldn't do Sunday night because Comcast went down(the night of the Super Bowl. Seriously.) Then two days of big skating news breaking. Then I ended up doing one about Mr. Darcy's looks. Always good to expand one's repertoire, of course. If they make any more Jane Austen adaptations perhaps I'll end up writing about those.
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Title: Branching Out
Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Characters: Leo Fitz/Jemma Simmons
Disclaimer: Their Marvel's.
Warning: Peggin, rimming, teabagging, and other dirty things
Notes: Takes place sometime between seasons 3 and 4.

Leo Fitz was starting to get really good at sex. Or at least, he was getting really good at sex with Jemma Simmons, and it wasn’t like he was interested in engaging in any other kind of sex. )
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I've signed up for Awesome Ladies. And then I decided to ask permission to record the Karen ficlet I've long wanted to do, the first time I've actively asked instead of just searching for blanket permissions. And the author granted it! I am way too excited about this, but it's nice to be excited for a good reason for once.
Meanwhile, I also have this odd piece of Quackery:

Rule 34.5 )
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And now one of Trump's people has declared that if we disagree with anything he says, federal employees should quit. At least that makes me feel much better about staying. In the library we continue final preparations for the launch of our new version of libguides, the service on which most of our online presence sits. Also our eBook services are merging. Tomorrow originally included me calling into a webinar I couldn't view for cybersecurity reasons to learn what that means for us, but we were advised it really isn't much use if you couldn't see it, and we'll get an onsite visit from the vendor people next time they happen to be in the area. Vendors have representatives constantly traveling around, to train people as well as to sell wares.
Spent the last two nights watching the extended edition of The Martian on DVD. It's one of my Christmas purchases, and it's a good movie to have on hand in times like these. Even when things are getting harrowing right now, one can still believe perhaps by the 2030s we'll be sorted out enough for the story to become plausible then. Another on was Guardians of the Galaxy, another optimistic movie.
Wrote a humourous Quack ficlet today in response to Agents of SHIELD, but I'm not sure right now whether it's finished or not, so that'll probably get posted tomorrow. Meanwhile, if the world must end, I ask that it not do so until the season finishes airing. I really need to see know how that all turns out first. Especially since I'm optimistic the writers will leave everyone still alive in a good place, or at least a tolerable one, what with the high chance of the series getting cancelled and everything. At least, I hope they'll be so kind.


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