Jun. 22nd, 2017

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It was a nice weekend. Sunday I did another round at AwesomeCon and bought enough for a thread of photos on Twitter, from my costume onward. Since then, I've come to realize one of the reasons it was one of the happiest weekends I've had in a while is because I spend so much of it completely cut off from the news.
Back to reality this week. I'm getting a little tired of these "almost-wins" in special elections, where everyone talks as if we should appreciate the possibility of the red state people saving us. They're not going to, and quite frankly, they don't deserve the opportunity. They out to be scorned and called out for being racist and electing people who suppress votes and clearly having no respect for the values our country was supposed to founded on.
And now the latest. I was lucky, pre-Obamacare, that officially I hadn't been diagnosed with anything. Not the case now. If I stayed with DoD I think I'd hold on to my health insurance, but now I have to, because if I ever lost the job there's no way I could get insurance under Trumpcare. Meanwhile my sister and brother-in-law would probably lose it, and when that could kill the latter. I have no faith the Senate won't pass it. The Republicans clearly think they can keep power through racism and voter suppression. That costs us the last chance we have of saving ourselves, because there's nothing to stop them from doing their worst now. Today's disgraceful display of police brutality against my fellow disabled people is particularly painful.
Doesn't help matters my head's been throbbing most of the day. There once was a time my sinus issues were long gone by this point in the summer. But that was before climate change fucked all that up.


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