Apr. 13th, 2017

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According to my mom, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, my grandfather wanted them to get in the car and make for Canada, but my grandmother refused. Ever since Trump was elected, I've wondered if it might end with her and I doing that drive. Tonight, it's starting to feel like a real possibility. We're not there yet, and perhaps there won't be anything to prompt us to actually do it before the bomb falls, but I'm I've been thinking about possible points, and how much chance we'd have of getting far away enough from DC when we probably wouldn't be the only ones fleeing.
Meanwhile, I saw both my regular doctor and a foot specialist, and they ordered my blood be tested for signs of imflammation and arthritis. I'm only 32, but getting my foot x-rayed today indicated I might be getting the latter. Although at least I may finally be getting an explanation for the pains that have plagued my arms and hands for years, which I chalked up to issues with anxiety and depression. Even if they can't do anything, to know would still be a relief. Some of the tests will take the weekend, though. On this crazy day, suddenly I wonder if I'll even live to know the results!
At least I got far enough into Iron Fist to enjoy some more Claire. Also get a moment between Danny and Colleen that felt a lot like a gender-flipped take on Far From the Madding Crowd. Who knows whether or not the writer had that in mind. I was even a little disappointed Colleen did not claim Danny's first kiss at the end of it, but ultimately, I can't blame her. The actors have chemistry, but that can't really blunt how Danny is not behaving as he ought.


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