Apr. 12th, 2017

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Since the beginning of the week I've experienced leg pain and especially foot pain I'm pretty sure is caused by sciatica, meaning it probably wouldn't be of much use to go to the doctor. But this morning it got so bad I made an appointment for tomorrow anyway. It wasn't as bad in the afternoon, and went down further after I was out of my work shoes, but I've simply spent too long being unable to walk without pain to not do something.
Tempted to write fic in response to this latest Agents of SHIELD pod, which would pretty much be processing my feelings about Fitz and how terrible both what he's doing and what's being done to him is. I'm wondering how on Earth the writers can come up with a "satisfying" ending for all this by the end of the season, which we've been assured they've been told to do, because they know they might not get the chance to resolve anything left hanging. Then again, the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if the series got cancelled days before the finale aired, at la Castle last year. Maybe they'll shoehorn in an epilogue scene for this series too?
Stressed myself stupid this week writing my self assessment for my annual performance appraisal, and then couldn't put what I've written into the form! Someone failed to press a button somewhere, or something weird like that, and now I've got to wait for it to be fixed. Then I pulled a nail out, needed to have my right index finger bandaged, and it actually hurts to type right now! Hope it feels better in the morning.


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