Mar. 10th, 2017

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Even if you don't really care about Duck Tales, you still need to watch the first fifteen seconds of this video. You're welcome.
Watching the bad reviews come in for Iron Fist, and have begun to feel very cross indeed that we have to wait half a year more for everything else because of its existence. We could've been looking forward to finding out next week how Matt's coping or if Luke's going to get out of prison yet, but no, we gotta watch the stupid blonde guy do the kung fu first. There had better be lots of Claire in this series. Maybe I'll just spend the evenings watching tennis instead for a while longer. There's really no need to get through it until Defenders is out, right?
Windows 10 comes to the library next week. I'm actually preparing to do at least part of most of my basic tasks on Wednesday simply so I can make sure they're doable post-upgrade before the upgrade people leave the building. Apparently they recently changed the regular IT staff and went for the cheap option, and it's not working out very well. Fine time to do an upgrade...meanwhile my iPad has gone haywire again. I may or may not try to record my next song this weekend...


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