Feb. 13th, 2017

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Dealt with multiple nosebleeds this evening, and my head's been throbbing on and off since last night. Arguably since last Friday. This may be a regular thing for me throughout winter, if we continue to have ones of crazily fluctuating temperatures. I don't think my sinuses like the air outside in general. Or at least my ears don't. Both yesterday and today being outside too long made them ache. Went to see The Lego Batman Movie yesterday, which was a very amusing parody of Batman in general, and the walk home did me in far more than it should have. Also, not sure when I'm going to record my next song. I wasn't sure when I was going to record it anyway, but it's one that doesn't give me the best chances to breathe, so I'd rather my passages be clear when I make the recording.
Finished The Crown this evening; I hadn't even realized it was only ten episodes. Very well done, but I'm not sure they really should go changing the actors out now, especially if they're only going forward five years for the next season.


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