Feb. 10th, 2017

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This will be the first weekend in ages where I won't be spending much of my time watching and blogging about any skating competitions. Of course, that respite's partly because the Russian Cup Final weirdly begins on Monday, and between that, waiting for Russia to then name the World team, and Four Continents, next week's going to be crazy. While I'm trying to fine-tune my podfic for Awesome Ladies. It's actually now not only finished but in a state where I would find it acceptable to post, but I'm trying to get this one as good as possible. Probably going to see Lego Batman on Sunday. We all might just need the laughs by then. Should be excited over the newly dropped Infinity Wars video, I suppose. Maybe I even am, a little, but I don't know.
I actually wrote four articles in as many days for Culturess this week. First did the recap of Russian Junior Nationals I couldn't do Sunday night because Comcast went down(the night of the Super Bowl. Seriously.) Then two days of big skating news breaking. Then I ended up doing one about Mr. Darcy's looks. Always good to expand one's repertoire, of course. If they make any more Jane Austen adaptations perhaps I'll end up writing about those.


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