Jan. 7th, 2017

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Why did HBO move their Bright Lights documentary up to a time when it would conflict directly with the mid-season premiere of Star Wars: Rebels? I would've liked the have properly watched the former, but the latter took priority. It was a good premiere, too, even if the dialogue fell victim to being aimed at the younger age bracket near its end. It's also a new comfort when watching to know for a fact that Hera, Chopper, and the Ghost at least will survive to see the events of Rogue One, although I'm still not sure whether they survive the events of that movie or not.
Unnerved by the latest behavior of Congress. Of course they were going to target government employees, and nobody's even going to call them out for the racism of doing so. And I'm not even attached to anything that offends them too much, since most of them don't seem to even notice libraries. But what if they go after every federal employee who ever made a liberal tweet in their lives? Also over WikiLeaks' latest threat. My sister's a verified user on Twitter; they'd go after her. They too I knew to be bad news, even when the rest of the left supported them. You always view these people differently when yours is the name they might leak, especially if you never did much significant in your life.


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