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Second date tonight. We went to Old Town again, trying out the Bilbo Baggins restaurant there, where the food was a bit fancier than I would have expected in the Shire, honestly. When I got to King Street and off the train it was pouring, but I immediately got onto the trolley, rode it all the way down to the river, since the restaurant was near the water, and got off to light rain and the day's infernal heat completely gone. I was even able to give him a little tour of Old Town after dinner. So that worked out.
Surprising number of things worked out this week. Started it thinking I'd have to cancel my planned New York holiday at the end of August, then discovered I couldn't, and then figured out a schedule workaround. Went to the new hair salon I wanted to try out Tuesday, and they were so far behind schedule I ended up going back Thursday, but because of the inconvenience they let me get my hair trimmed for free! The date was rescheduled too, actually, but that really was for the better, I think. I also got a jury summons on Monday for the end of July, but who knows if anything'll come of that. Last time I didn't even have to go in, after all. Even if I actually have to go in this time, the lawyers get out of me I worked in a law office for two years and they'll strike me fast.
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