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This year for the first time I dressed up for AwesomeCon, putting on my Regency day dress, adding a shawl I'd bought to wear with it a couple of weeks ago, having mom put my hair in a bun and adding my grandmother's pearl studs, a pair of old stockings, and my work shoes, because they looked passable and I needed to be able to walk normally. My sister considered dressing as Rey, but instead just wore her Hufflepuff t-shirt.
AwesomeCon was a madhouse. We spent the morning in Artistic Alley, and much of the afternoon wandering around the stalls. I ended up getting a metal bookmark with high quality Sailor Moon artwork on it. But it wasn't easy to get around much of anywhere on the floor, because it was so crowded. Often we made decision on which way to turn based on where there was space in front of us. It did make for good people-watching, of course. Lots of Wonder Women and Doctors and Star Wars characters, mixed in with Peter Quills and other movie characters. I also spotted multiple Peggy Carters, all the Sailor Sensei except Saturn and Pluto, Jareth with Toby, Sadness from Inside Out, Moana, Castle and Beckett, and a zillion other characters.
Come 4:30 my bun was giving me a headache and I wanted to go home, but my sister talked me into going to the John Barrowman Q&A. It was the first time we'd attended any such thing at AwesomeCon. Getting in was a hassle, with both our doing so and the start delayed. But John Barrowman is amazing as a panel speaker. Outrageous, entertaining, hilarious, and clearly loving the crowd, but not without intelligence.
I may go again tomorrow, though probably not for as long. And probably just in my Star Trek earrings and normal cloths otherwise.
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