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Went to the Folger Theatre to see their production of Timon of Athens, a play I knew literally nothing about going in. Not the first Shakespeare play I've done that with in my life, but the first one in a very long time. I wasn't sure what to make of it. On one hand, it's one that happens to be pretty relevant to the modern day, and the modern-dress production enforced that. On the other, it was a bit too bizarre for me, and it was also done a bit more loudly than necessary. It's pretty clear why people don't put it on that often; it's not an easy play at all. Mom compared it to Beckett. I have not enjoyed what exposure I have had to Beckett...
Even stranger was Thursday, when everyone was hooked on Comey, and all I could think was how much real difference can what he says make, when the Republicans won't impeach Trump anyway, and even if they did, they're still taking away our health care? Not to mention I was more distracted by the British election, which I started the day equally pessimistic about. Nor do I think things look particularly good for the immediate future, if top position is still looking likely it'll either stay with Theresa May or go to Boris Johnson. Yet it was a relief to see them weakened rather than strengthened, and I still feel better about the long-term future of Britain than I did, especially since it looks like Scotland may not be leaving after all. Maybe in five years time, they will right their ship over there. Meanwhile, I quite enjoyed election night, and the amusement of the likes of Lord Buckethead. I'd say I'd like him over here, except it would be depressing, because he'd still make a better president than Trump.
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