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Since the beginning of the year, our house has seen:

The beginning of turning the front porch into new room.
Said turning having to be done over to pass inspection. That was a crazy saga actually proved a good thing, since it means the new room will last longer.
The installation and then replacement of an overhead lamp in the living room.
The new front room being floored, painted, carpeted, etc.
Two doorknobs being fixed so we can close the doors again.
The outside being painted. It's supposed to be cream, but looks more yellow. I've had Coldplay stuck in my head multiple times.
The floor in the entryway being removed, an attempt made to remove all the asbestos, and finally the new floor just being glued on thick over it, and painted. They assure us it's safe so long as the new floor remains in place.
Various other fixes being made to the walls around the entryway, including dealing with termite damage and repainting.

We still need a new cover for the stoop, which is an ugly sight without it, and the mailbox put back in.
There may be other things we've had done I've forgotten about. At least the drama with the porch didn't affect our day to day lives much. Having two days where they were trying to remove asbestos from our only route between the two halves of the house, on the other hand, made last weekend rather painful, especially since we had to keep the cats confined to the back half for their safety. They weren't happy.
Mom swears we're almost done. We might be.


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