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Before we all get blown up!

Title: Agent Murdock
Part: 8: Presumed
Fandom: Daredevil
Characters: Matt/Karen
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: References to violence and a bit of slut-shaming
Note: I originally came up with this idea and put it up on [community profile] daredevilkink as a prompt before the second season, but after watching said season I decided to write it myself just to cheer myself up.

She’d killed multiple people, of course, the day S.H.I.E.L.D. had fallen. But that day as a whole had been so awful for everyone that Matt wasn’t sure that in particular had had much practical effect on her when they’d cried themselves to sleep together that night. )
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Would've liked another month to work on it, but the challenge ends Monday, so...

You can still enter!
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There are some good points about this week for me. Such as that so far I haven't spent an hour in the night screaming in pain. That happened last week. Also I made it to my date last night, even if my bus home was way late, and we saw Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which was a spectacular ride, even if it wasn't a very good movie. I might even have a good weekend, at least if I can get a good recording of my #Ham4All song, since it's gotta go up this week. (But my run-throughs have stopped feeling right.) There are a couple of things I've been working on I might also finish this week. Or I and my sister might get our day scheduled to go see tennis next week.
If she's in the mood for it by then. I'm not sure if my brother-in-law would be one of the 15 million people to lose his health care under skinny repeal, but it seems a dangerous possibility. I even called Mark Warner Tuesday night, first time I've called a Senator after freaking out in the middle of a phone call to one back in January. Who knows if that's doing any good in the end...
Also worried about my mother in general. She underwent huge dental surgery yesterday, and still isn't back to herself yet. Her vacation's in two weeks, and at this point we have to hope she'll be capable of going. This evening was not a good one. She wants to use Lyft tomorrow, but we can't figure out how to set up payment. I apparently connected it to my Apple account back in October, but no longer remember how I did so. It ended in tears for everyone.
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Title: Habeas for Superheroes
Part: 3: Day One
Fandom: Daredevil/Avengers
Characters: Matt/Foggy, Karen, Marci
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: References to Raft-related nastiness
Note: Third installment in my Femme!Foggy series.

The footage dropped when Foggy was in the middle of a meeting with a woman who had been arrested for heckling Ross. )
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Second date tonight. We went to Old Town again, trying out the Bilbo Baggins restaurant there, where the food was a bit fancier than I would have expected in the Shire, honestly. When I got to King Street and off the train it was pouring, but I immediately got onto the trolley, rode it all the way down to the river, since the restaurant was near the water, and got off to light rain and the day's infernal heat completely gone. I was even able to give him a little tour of Old Town after dinner. So that worked out.
Surprising number of things worked out this week. Started it thinking I'd have to cancel my planned New York holiday at the end of August, then discovered I couldn't, and then figured out a schedule workaround. Went to the new hair salon I wanted to try out Tuesday, and they were so far behind schedule I ended up going back Thursday, but because of the inconvenience they let me get my hair trimmed for free! The date was rescheduled too, actually, but that really was for the better, I think. I also got a jury summons on Monday for the end of July, but who knows if anything'll come of that. Last time I didn't even have to go in, after all. Even if I actually have to go in this time, the lawyers get out of me I worked in a law office for two years and they'll strike me fast.
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Finished it this morning. For the [community profile] daredevilkink prompt: Foggy fucking a feverish Matt.

What a Lovely Way to Burn )
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The eve of the fourth and I feel like we're heading towards a reckoning, especially with the monsters in power getting more and more blatant in abusing their power and trying to intimidate people who would vote them out to keep them away from the polls. I've got a foreboding something terrible is going to happen tomorrow. I'm certainly not going out the celebrate; I wouldn't feel like doing that anyway. If I do live many more years and have my choice about it, I think I shall spend all these fourths just watching Wimbledon.
Wrote most of a smutpiece tonight for a [community profile] daredevilkink prompt. We'll see if I'm in a state and/or a mood to finish it tomorrow, though I suspect it'll ultimately go up Wednesday even if I do. Then I'll see if we make it to the dropping of The Defenders. If Mike Colter is telling the truth about it being lighter than the individual serieses, I suspect I won't mind much.
Be nice if we could make it too this weekend, anyway. Mom just bought us tickets for an Art Garfunkel concert in the Kennedy Center Saturday night; I think there were dropping prices. Think we won't be going to the beach after all, so I'll be free to see Spiderman Sunday.
Even some booming noises outside my window tonight, but individual fireworks on the 3rd are all too typical, even though they're illegal here in Alexandria. Nothing loud enough to even bother the cats yet, as far as I can tell.

New Fic

Jul. 2nd, 2017 09:00 am
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Title: Obituaries
Fandom: Daredevil
Characters: Karen Page & Friends
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: 2016 and death. Nuff said.
Note: This assumes Daredevil's second season took place entirely in 2015, Luke Cage took place shortly after, Iron Fist took place in March 2016, and The Defenders will be taking place in April on the eve of Civil War.

'It’s a useful thing, to be able to write obituaries,' he said to her. 'Both ones we pre-write and file away to publish immediately when someone dies, and ones you have to write when someone died and you didn’t have anything on file for them.' They had no idea at the time how true that was about to become. )
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(Next up: Seeing if I can get a recordable version of "Wait for It" ready by the end of the month for #Ham4All!)
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Went on a date last night, meeting a guy from OkCupid. Not sure about the romantic chemistry, but the two of us spent most of the time talking about Marvel and similar, making it one of the easiest dates I've been on in a long time. He had the right attitude towards women, too, for the most part. We've agreed to have another date, and I suppose if all else fails, we can go see Spiderman: Homecoming together. Except I'm not sure when I'm going to see it, now. I was planning to go Sunday, when there'd be no play at Wimbledon, but now my mother and sister are planning a beach trip! At least the early comments are very promising, indeed, being not only positive, but making it sound like something I'll really enjoy.
More than can be said for this Inhumans series, I fear. All I can say now is it better not mess with Agents of SHIELD and their ability to tell the story of the Inhumans, because it looks like they're telling a better one. They should've left it with them, maybe with an Inhuman character showing up in the moves or other things now and then; if they want a superpowered character without trying to figure out their backstory, that could be the go-to explanation.
But a bigger aggravation today was my purse is now in the process of falling apart. I've had it less than a year and a half, and it cost me hundreds. My sister has insisted I buy designer ones the last two times, talking about how long they'll last, and for the second one made it a point to take me to an "outlet" mall where they'd cost two hundred rather than four. Neither of them lasted any longer than the cheap one I had before them. Saturday I'll have to brave the heat to look for another cheap one. I don't want to be throwing away money on purses anymore anyway.
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Title: You're Not Defeated, You're in Repair
Fandom: Agents of SHIELD
Characters: Jemma/Fitz
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: Reference to noncon, discussion of toxic masculinity
Note: This may or may not turn into a series. I've really not sure.

Just give me your hand and hold on/ Together we'll dance through the storm )
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It was a nice weekend. Sunday I did another round at AwesomeCon and bought enough for a thread of photos on Twitter, from my costume onward. Since then, I've come to realize one of the reasons it was one of the happiest weekends I've had in a while is because I spend so much of it completely cut off from the news.
Back to reality this week. I'm getting a little tired of these "almost-wins" in special elections, where everyone talks as if we should appreciate the possibility of the red state people saving us. They're not going to, and quite frankly, they don't deserve the opportunity. They out to be scorned and called out for being racist and electing people who suppress votes and clearly having no respect for the values our country was supposed to founded on.
And now the latest. I was lucky, pre-Obamacare, that officially I hadn't been diagnosed with anything. Not the case now. If I stayed with DoD I think I'd hold on to my health insurance, but now I have to, because if I ever lost the job there's no way I could get insurance under Trumpcare. Meanwhile my sister and brother-in-law would probably lose it, and when that could kill the latter. I have no faith the Senate won't pass it. The Republicans clearly think they can keep power through racism and voter suppression. That costs us the last chance we have of saving ourselves, because there's nothing to stop them from doing their worst now. Today's disgraceful display of police brutality against my fellow disabled people is particularly painful.
Doesn't help matters my head's been throbbing most of the day. There once was a time my sinus issues were long gone by this point in the summer. But that was before climate change fucked all that up.
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This year for the first time I dressed up for AwesomeCon, putting on my Regency day dress, adding a shawl I'd bought to wear with it a couple of weeks ago, having mom put my hair in a bun and adding my grandmother's pearl studs, a pair of old stockings, and my work shoes, because they looked passable and I needed to be able to walk normally. My sister considered dressing as Rey, but instead just wore her Hufflepuff t-shirt.
AwesomeCon was a madhouse. We spent the morning in Artistic Alley, and much of the afternoon wandering around the stalls. I ended up getting a metal bookmark with high quality Sailor Moon artwork on it. But it wasn't easy to get around much of anywhere on the floor, because it was so crowded. Often we made decision on which way to turn based on where there was space in front of us. It did make for good people-watching, of course. Lots of Wonder Women and Doctors and Star Wars characters, mixed in with Peter Quills and other movie characters. I also spotted multiple Peggy Carters, all the Sailor Sensei except Saturn and Pluto, Jareth with Toby, Sadness from Inside Out, Moana, Castle and Beckett, and a zillion other characters.
Come 4:30 my bun was giving me a headache and I wanted to go home, but my sister talked me into going to the John Barrowman Q&A. It was the first time we'd attended any such thing at AwesomeCon. Getting in was a hassle, with both our doing so and the start delayed. But John Barrowman is amazing as a panel speaker. Outrageous, entertaining, hilarious, and clearly loving the crowd, but not without intelligence.
I may go again tomorrow, though probably not for as long. And probably just in my Star Trek earrings and normal cloths otherwise.
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Went to the Folger Theatre to see their production of Timon of Athens, a play I knew literally nothing about going in. Not the first Shakespeare play I've done that with in my life, but the first one in a very long time. I wasn't sure what to make of it. On one hand, it's one that happens to be pretty relevant to the modern day, and the modern-dress production enforced that. On the other, it was a bit too bizarre for me, and it was also done a bit more loudly than necessary. It's pretty clear why people don't put it on that often; it's not an easy play at all. Mom compared it to Beckett. I have not enjoyed what exposure I have had to Beckett...
Even stranger was Thursday, when everyone was hooked on Comey, and all I could think was how much real difference can what he says make, when the Republicans won't impeach Trump anyway, and even if they did, they're still taking away our health care? Not to mention I was more distracted by the British election, which I started the day equally pessimistic about. Nor do I think things look particularly good for the immediate future, if top position is still looking likely it'll either stay with Theresa May or go to Boris Johnson. Yet it was a relief to see them weakened rather than strengthened, and I still feel better about the long-term future of Britain than I did, especially since it looks like Scotland may not be leaving after all. Maybe in five years time, they will right their ship over there. Meanwhile, I quite enjoyed election night, and the amusement of the likes of Lord Buckethead. I'd say I'd like him over here, except it would be depressing, because he'd still make a better president than Trump.
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Title: Agent Murdock
Part: 7: A Trade Secret
Fandom: Daredevil
Characters: Matt/Karen
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: Violence
Note: I originally came up with this idea and put it up on [community profile] daredevilkink as a prompt before the second season, but after watching said season I decided to write it myself just to cheer myself up.

We know how forgiving the Goldsmith is to those who spill his secrets. You need our help now. )
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Mom has officially gotten permission to do a "literary biography" of Winston Graham. It'll be heavy of the "literary" and light on the "biography," but his writings have always been her interest. She read and blogged about the Poldark books long before this new TV series came out. This also means she'll be spending a month in Britain sometime this summer reading up on the relevant documents. I'm not sure she's been away from home for that long since she and dad were married. That'll be an interesting month for the both of us.
For some reason I'm getting a bunch of messages from OkCupid tonight, including a rude one, one from a guy a little too far south, and one from a guy in India! Does anyone ever seriously manage to form anything through OkCupid with anyone who lives on the other side of the planet? Not something I'm up to, I'm afraid. I also got one from a guy who spends most of his time in Dubai, but at least he spoke of traveling to DC occasionally (I wrote a response, but I think my opinion on Dubai offended him, because he hasn't written since).
Now that I'm done with Iron Fist, I'm all ready for The Defenders to come out. Or maybe it can wait until I finish that Karen writing obituaries fic I've been working on. Looking forward way too much to The Punisher too, although at least, unlike Iron Fist it's not pushing any new seasons of the other four series back to a later premiere date than they'd otherwise have. Seriously, do we have to have a second season of that one?
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Title: All Five
Part: 12: Answers Before Questions
(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11)
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, Anakin, Mace
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: References to violence
Note: Sequel to "Growing Up in the Jedi Temple."

It takes a lot to be always on form,/ It takes a lot/ Or maybe not )
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Tonight, my mother went out to see a cinematic broadcast of a London production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf starring Imelda Staunton. And she got confused as to where she'd put the car, and called me in hysterics, before she found the security office and they helped her find it. Not the most auspicious night before our upcoming beach vacation. Apparently the production wasn't very good either.
Now one episode away from finishing Iron Fist. About time, since they're starting the buildup to The Defenders. Finishing with mixed feelings. The later part of the season is definitely better paced and more engaging than the first half. But there are still plenty of things it doesn't fix, and meanwhile, I'm really not sure how I feel about the whole twist with Colleen Wing.
Wondering if maybe we'll be rid of Trump after all, but also wondering if it'll do much good at this point, unless this whole Flynn and the transition team thing actually takes out Pence too, the investigation first takes long enough to stretch to 2019, and the House flips. But that would be a year and a half away, by which time all the damage may have been done. Meanwhile, they're not even letting us write to the FCC about Net Neutrality any more, and I don't know what happens to any of us if we lose that. Getting kind of tired of Comcast's lies getting tweeted into my timeline too.
Actually, getting kind of tired of all the promoted tweets you aren't even allowed to dismiss any more. It's not to the point where I'm considering leaving Twitter yet, but they are making themselves harder to use in more than one way.
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Title: Habeas for Superheroes
Part: 2: Night, Day, and Night
Fandom: Daredevil/Avengers
Characters: Matt/Foggy, Danny Rand, Karen
Disclaimer: Now Disney owns them.
Warning: Very light sexual content and offscreen violence
Note: Third installment in my Femme!Foggy series.

Two days later Danny Rand actually showed up to their apartment in person, early in the evening.  )
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I have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. The doctor advised aerobic exercise, meditation, an antidepressant, a muscle relaxant, and less stress. Not entirely sure how I'm supposed to manage the last. Especially when I have days like this one, which start with my sandal breaking and end with the discovery the guy we've been trying to talk to all day didn't realize we weren't in his time zone.
The antidepressant also isn't one with a high success rate. I'm probably going to try the muscle relaxant first, although given both medications could exacerbate the other medical issue I'm having right now, I'm not too eager to try either. I can redo my exercise regimen and try to figure out how to meditate, but it looks like I just have to live with yet more pain in my life.
This weekend my mother, sister, and I are headed to the beach, where we are supposed to relax. Maybe if we actually do, the pain will be reduced? I'll try to get the next part of "Habeas for Superheroes" posted tomorrow, before then. Three more multiparters I worked on today that I am really close to finishing the next part...
At least I'm not stressing about Agents of SHIELD anymore. I'm even kind of optimistic the next season will be a bit more fun, if it's the right kind of outer space adventure for that. Besides, none of the things I dreaded happened last night.


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